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Evolution or Creation? You Decide :)

Joe Potter joe.potter at worldnet.att.net
Wed Mar 26 18:52:00 EST 1997


> >         As Niles Eldredege points out in "Reinventing Darwin" on page
217, if
> > nature is organized around the compulsion to leave as many copies of
> > genes --- why in the heck did the mixing of genes on a 50-50 basis

> There are many good reasons to think that asexual (clonal) organisms
> will not
> do as well in the long run as will sexual organisms.

	Yes, and Dr. Eldredge acknowledges this in his book. His point, as I
understand it, is that an organism should not mix its genes with another IF
the object is self-replication as "Ultra-Darwinists" claim. (his term, not

> It is likely that selection is less efficient at removing deleterious
> alleles in
> asexual populations than in sexual populations. Essentially, the average
> cost
> of a single deleterious allele is higher in terms of deaths needed to
> remove that
> allele. In technical terms, the "mutation load" is higher in asexual
> populations. 

	See above. 

	The idea that you posit here assumes that the organism can see-ahead and
determine what is best in the long run. This is a no-no, is it not?

	Dr. Eldredge wrote, " Selection can not be for the 'good of the species.'
It can only be a measure of what works best for the individual organisms in
their struggle for existence. ..."

	In other words, why sex??????

	Regards, Joe

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