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  1. Remember The Munchies? 694   Garcia
  2. New IEEE Computer Society Bioinformatics Conference   Peter Markstein
  3. Seqs, synths, mass specs, MALDIs, NMRs available   Michael Sherrell
  4. Hot OTC Stock 42110000000000   Stock at yahoo.com
  5. --- Have You Heard of HGH? --- 251286   TheClinicforHGH251286 at btamail.net.cn
  6. Thanks For Lunch Mike   alexteed at ns1.ehost2102.com
  7. free digital web ready cell phones HR   ctret452 at yahoo.com
  8. pre-registration instructions   dot-biz-registrar at mail.com
  9. Moderation   gwilliam at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
  10. Thanks For Lunch Mike   johnroby at ns1.ehost2102.com
  11. $100k/yr Using Your Computer Work at Home   lisa723187 at mail.com
  12. your registration (5829izgn9-975MgAA7653X@21)   name-root055828 at email.org
  13. Start a $5000/mon home biz by filling out a simple form   oiu1902 at yahoo.com
  14. erase your debt fast and effortless   returnacctl9794 at yahoo.com
  15. Anna Kournikova NAKED!! 3576UngV8-557sWNA5793gClL7-449sAl30   tina_pearson7705f78 at seductive.com

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