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  1. BIOSCI miniFAQ, ver. 14-DEC-95   BIOSCI Administrator
  2. POINTER for PCs: FTP-able?   John Alsobrook
  3. W. French Anderson seminar, June 1988: did you attend? (legal dispute involving patent rights)   Daniel M. Becker
  4. meaning of linkage disequilibrium   Bernie Charlton
  5. meaning of linkage disequilibrium   Dave Curtis
  6. Affected-Pedigree-Memeber (APM) method P-value?   D.Nyholt at gu.edu.au
  7. Unique Bioinformatics Position/Cana   Pierre Dion
  8. question on gene   Emery Dora
  9. GenoCheck update   Meg Ehm
  11. SIBPAL and sibpair analysis   Dean Flanders
  13. SIBPAL and sibpair analysis   Kevin Jacobs
  14. Meaning of SLINK/MSINM results   Stephen L. Mathias
  15. question on gene   Mike Miller
  16. YACs with D2Mit markers?   Grant Morahan
  17. BRCA1 Reference Lab SEEKS OPERATION DIRECTOR   OPV Lifescience Partners
  18. BRCA1, BRCA2 CLIA Reference Lab Seeks Medical Affairs Director   OPV Lifescience Partners
  19. European FTP mirror for Linkage and mapping software   Patricia Rodriguez-Tome
  20. sex-linked sib pair analysis in GAS?   John Rogus
  21. question on gene   S957325 at cuhk.hk
  22. Help: can anyone answer my questions on gene   S957325 at cuhk.hk
  23. FASTLINK 3.0P available   Alex Schaffer
  24. Mutational model and fastlink3.0   Frank Visser
  25. meaning of linkage disequilibrium   Frank Visser
  26. Wellcome Trust Summer School: Genetic Analysis   Daniel E. Weeks
  27. HAPLO haplotyping program   Daniel E. Weeks
  28. gene linkage database   Gary Williams
  29. (no subject)   Tori D. Williams
  30. Thesis Ideas   Tori D. Williams
  31. gene linkage database   futers at biovax.leeds.ac.uk

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