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  2. postdoc position   DESTEFANO at MED-GENEPI.BU.EDU
  3. software for an outcrossed family   Timothy R Jackson
  4. (none)   Martin, Martin
  5. linkage disequilibrium   sanaz tabarestani
  6. CEPH families alleles   jea at ukrv.de
  7. haplotyping   jea at ukrv.de
  8. haplotyping   David Stivers
  9. haplotyping   Daniel E. Weeks
  10. haplotyping   Phil Green
  11. Program for calculation of PIC?   STACY A CIUFO
  12. DOS Real mode executable for LINKAGE package?   Kenjiro Kosaki
  13. MapMaker PowerMac?   Craig Echt
  14. PAP and two locus models   Nicola Chapman
  15. haplotyping   David Stivers
  17. BIOSCI/bionet miniFAQ & Fundraiser   BIOSCI Administrator
  18. s   Sreekumar G.Pillai
  19. POINTER   Sreekumar Govinda Pillai PILLA
  20. CRI-MAP Tutorial on the Web   David Wray Featherston
  21. Make Your Own Vacuum Pump for Gel Blotting!   Robert Passey
  22. Make Your Own Vacuum Pump for Gel Blotting!   Mike Miller
  23. Free software for linkage analysis in large pedigrees   Claus S. Jensen
  24. Postdoctoral position   Barbara Baker

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