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  1. Postdoctoral Position Open   Nan-Shan Chang
  2. re tv show/request   JoAnn Napier
  3. Postdoc position: genetics of schizophrenia   Richard Straub
  4. **FREE Trial Pack of Middle School - College Essays**   Anne E Mjaatvedt
  5. Best resource for locating markers?   ROGER GREEN,MEDICINE,ST.JOHN'S,NF,CAN
  6. PLEASE READ - IMPORTANT change to GENETIC-LINKAGE mailing list!!!   BIOSCI Administrator
  7. DNA Cloning   Gordon Macrae
  8. WWW Access for SIMLINK and RHMAP   Mike Boehnke
  9. Error Detection for Linkage Data - GenoCheck, 1.0   Margaret Gelder
  10. MIM v1.1 available   David Goldgar
  11. mw ladders   Dean Flanders
  12. Molecular Vision   Jeffrey H. Boatright
  13. Anti-Immigration Law Status/Seminar   Brian B. Jiang
  14. Recommended background reading on linkage analysis   Gregory M. Acland
  15. rDNA   Lucerna genetika csoport

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