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  1. Markers for Mapping   Dr David E Barton
  2. linkage disequilibrium analysis   Peter Rogan
  3. linkage disequilibrium analysis   Peter Rogan
  4. marker number??   Lee M. Silver
  5. (none)   Ina Hoeschele, Assoc Prof Quant Genet, Montana State University
  7. multipoint runs   Alex Ext. 4983 - Medicine
  8. Linkage disequilibrium questions   Francesco Zito
  9. marker number??   Mike Miller
  10. GENETIC ENGINEERING   Valerie Pereira
  12. recombination rate   Hassan Mehrabani Yeganeh
  13. Genetic Engineering...   Benjamin Hiu Tung Lai
  14. recombination rate   Mike Miller
  15. Request: Shareware/freeware Info on GOOD FTP/WEB sites   popa0206 at po-box.mcgill.ca
  16. (none)   Jeffrey Clark
  17. Organ transplant /cell memory   Albert Close
  18. Genetic Testing   Susan Craig
  19. WWW site Biocomputing and Linkage   pvanosta at allserv.rug.ac.be
  20. CF in Iranian population?   Lucien Bachner
  21. fossil question   Andrew G. Shull
  22. Linkage Courses   Kevin Clancy PhD

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