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Tsien again!

A. S. Goustin Lab hivlab at CMB.BIOSCI.WAYNE.EDU
Fri Jul 17 20:01:51 EST 1998

With all this talk about power supplies and stainless steel, I am
wondering if I am in the right group.  Isn't anyone as blown away in awe
as I am with Roger Tsien's latest coup:

Griffin BA, Adams SR, Tsien RY.  (1998).  Specific covalent labeling of
     recombinant protein molecules inside living cells.
     Science 281, 269-273.

He shows that one can add a little bit of alpha-helix (WEAAAREACCRECCARA)
to a protein and use this as a target for the fluorescent reporter
FLASH-EDT2.  The idea is to engineer the target as a tag for your favorite
protein, transfect the cell with a construct expressing this tagged
protein, and then feed the cell:


which converts to FLASH-EDT2.  The dye homes to the tagged protein and now
you can visualize your tagged protein IN A LIVING CELL!  Without gfp!
The FLASH-peptide complex is ~50,000x more fluorescent than FLASH alone.

It seems like you can make your own FLASH-EDT2 according to note 20 on p
271, or you can wait for some vendor to sell it commercially.

I smell a great discovery...

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