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Tue Nov 1 06:12:43 EST 1994

To whom may it concern!

My daughter had an viral croupous pneumoniae this spring and she had to be
treated at the intensive care unit of the "Szent Laszlo" Hospital, Budapest.
This is the most specialized unit for treating croupous children in
Budapest, but because of bad financial status, they have only two
good artifical breathing respirators. For my luck, when my daughter
get into the hospital one of these was free.... and she used it for ten
days. After she recovered, I decided to find some financial support from
companies to obtain more equipments for the unit, but it was not too easy...

That is why I decided to send the warning of the hospital to the E-mail
newsgroups. If anybody has information about utilizable, but non utilized
equipments (see below), please contact me or one of the members of the board.

Thanks for your help:

                        Csaba Szekely
                        research associate
                        Vet. Med. Res. Inst., Hung. Acad. Sci.


         St. Ladislas (Szent Laszlo) Hospital
         H-1097. Budapest. IX. Gyali. u. 5-7, Hungary
         Telephone: 36-1 215-7953, 215-0219/ext. 121
         Fax: 36-1 215-6501

 Dear Madam/Sir,

 Every year, 350-400 children of critical condition are treated at the Infant
 and Paediatric Intensive Care Unit of "Szent Laszlo" Hospital. Our paediatric
 patients are admitted to the hospital because of severe respiratory diseases,
 meningitis, encephalitis, and severe infections of various types. For the
 administration of highly potent life-saving drugs and artificial nutrition
 fluid feeding pumps, for artificial breathing respirators, while for
 monitoring the patient's condition beside and central patient monitoring
 instruments are needed. With the help of these rather expensive instruments
 the life of children requiring critical care can be saved and in the majority
 of cases complete recovery can be achieved. Last year more than 100 children
 required artifical clearing of the air passages to avoid asphyxia, and the
 breathing of more than 60 children had to be temporarily ensured artifically,
 with the help of a respirator. In such cases a good instrument supply can
 indeed save lives; however, in our experience the patients' demand exceeds
 the existing facilities. At the initiative of the parents of our patients
 a fund has been estabilished with the aim to enable us to treat the highest
 possible number of patients under the best conditions possible.

 is to support the hospital care of children treated at the Infant and
 Paediatric Intensive Care Unit of Szent Laszlo Hospital because of a
 life-saving condition. The finances available to the fund can be used
 for procurement of the necessary instruments, for improving the conditi-
 ons of care, and for funding the research and continuing education related
 to critical care paediatric medicine.

 The Fund is public and open to any Hungarian of foreign private individual,
 legal entity or non-legal person, as well as associations thereof, who
 wish to join it.

 We ask you to support, as far as you can afford, the activity of our Fund:
 help us to save the life of as many children as possible.

 Our account number:             AGROBANK
                             Fund for Children Requiring Emergency Treatment
                             (Kritikus Allapotu Gyermekekert Alapitvany)

 Under the current regulations, any contribution to the Fund is deductible
 from the tax base. We would be thankful for even the smallest contributions.
 Thank you for your help in advance.

                           The Board of the Fund:

  Dr. Katalin Rapi           Dr. Zoltan Sagi         Dr. Eniko Ujhelyi

  Szent Laszlo Hospital      Chairman of the Board   Szent Laszlo Hospital

  Deputy Medical Director                            Chief Physician, Head
                                                     Infant and Paediatric
                                                     Intensive Care Unit

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