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Peter Stoehr STOEHR at embl.bitnet
Mon Dec 4 11:46:00 EST 1989


The EMBL Data Library distributes the EMBL Nucleotide and SWISS-PROT
sequence databases on CD-ROM.

This CD-ROM is formatted to the ISO standard (ISO 9660) to enable the same
disk to be read on a range of computers.
However, appropriate driver software for VAX/VMS systems is not yet available,
although Digital supply CD-ROM readers. Until this situation is rectified, we
are pleased to make available a program CD_ACCESS, which enables some access
to ISO 9660 CD-ROM's. The user can perform directory listings,
display files on the terminal, and copy files from the CD-ROM to
magnetic disk. It thus enables the CD-ROM to be an alternative distribution
medium to magnetic tape, with the added value of some rather good retrieval
software for MS-DOS systems.

CD_ACCESS was written by Peter A. Stockwell, Dept. of Biochemistry,
University of Otago, New Zealand, to whom we are extremely thankful.

Obtaining CD_ACCESS
CD_ACCESS is available on the EMBL File Server. Simply send
an electronic mail message to the bitnet address NETSERV at EMBL which contains
just the line:
You will obtain a kit containing 4 files, (documentation, pascal source code
etc) by return electronic mail.
For further info. about the file server, also include the command HELP,
on a line by itself.

If you have no access to BITNET, contact us by one of the means below.

Peter Stoehr
EMBL Data Library

Post:       EMBL Data Library, European Molecular Biology Laboratory,
            Postfach 10.2209, Meyerhofstr. 1, D-6900 Heidelberg,
            Federal Republic of Germany.
Phone:      +49 6221 387258  (answering machine when office is closed)
E-mail:     datalib at embl.bitnet (general enquiries)
Fax:        +49 6221 387306
Telex:      461613 (embl d)

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