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[Drosophila] New tools/products available for Drosophila research

Dave Zucker via dros%40net.bio.net (by dave from flysorter.com)
Mon Dec 14 10:52:33 EST 2015

Greetings, Drosophilists --

My name is Dave Zucker. I'm an engineer, and a couple years ago, I founded
a company called FlySorter (http://flysorter.com) to create an automated,
high-throughput imaging and classification system for Drosophila. That
system is still in development, but along the way, I've created two new
products that some of you might find useful in the lab, and I wanted to
spread the word about their availability.

The first product is the *FlyPlate* system -- it allows you to store flies
in 96 well plates, one fly per well. The system includes the plates, which
have stainless steel mesh on the bottom of the wells, and special lids with
cross-hatched ports. The lids allow you to easily deposit and retrieve
flies from each well with an aspirator, and the mesh on the bottom of the
plates lets you feed and hydrate the flies, or anesthetize all the flies at

With a tray of food underneath, flies will live for days in the plates,
allowing you to keep track of individuals as you perform longitudinal
experiments, isolate flies before introduction to an assay, and prevent
flies from mating.

You can learn more about the FlyPlate system (and see some photos & video
of it in use): http://flysorter.com/flystorage

The second product is the *Fly Dispenser and Counter*, and it does pretty
much exactly what the name implies: it dispenses individual flies, one at a
time, every few seconds, without anesthesia or damage. Simply load in a
vial of flies and each time you press the button, the patented mechanism
isolates one fly and uses a gentle puff of air to send it out the tip of an
aspirator. The small, bench-top device also can count flies as it transfers
them from one vial to another.

Perfect for loading behavioral assays, the device does not expose flies to
carbon dioxide or human breath. For example, it excels at depositing flies
into TriKinetics DAM tubes. It can also be incorporated into a larger
automated system through its USB interface.

We've just wrapped up beta testing of the Dispenser, and it is now
available in our online shop. Again, more information is available on the
website: http://flysorter.com/dispenser

We're working on a few other products as well, which will be announced in
2016. Stay tuned...

Thanks for your time,
-Dave Zucker, Founder, FlySorter LLC

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