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rwoodru from bgsu.edu via dros%40net.bio.net (by rwoodru from bgsu.edu)
Thu Oct 11 15:45:31 EST 2007

Does anyone have a stock of bw[75]?  or bw[75]; st[1]?  Thanks, Ron Woodruff
R. C. Woodruff
Distinguished Research Professor
CoEditor-in-Chief , GENETICA
Department of Biological Sciences
Corner Merry and N. College
Life Sciences Building
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, Ohio 43403
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Who wrote these or where did they appear?

1. "Don't forget, no you, who you are and where you stand in this struggle."
2. "...a history of kitchen and bathroom doodling can give one an intuitive
     understanding of population genetics."
3. "North Alabama was full of Liquor Interests, Big Mules, steel companies,
     Republicans, professors, and other persons of no background." (  )
4. "I am no breeching scholar in the schools.
     I'll not be tied to hours, nor 'pointed times,
     But learn my lessons as I please myself."  (  )
5. "If we're not follish young, we're follish old"  (  )
6. "Our genomes badly need worming" (  )
7. "Meine Zeit wird schon kommen"-"My time will come" (  )
8. "Our doubts are traitors and makes us lose the good we oft might win
     By fearing to attempt"  (  )
9. "Beer's a food" (  )
10. "I am not aware that the tone of society [Australia] has yet assumed any
     peculiar character, but with such habits & without intellectual
     pursuits, it can hardly fail to deteriorate (& become like that of the
     people of the United States)". (  )
11. "Thou, Nature, art my goddess, to thy law
     My services are bound" (  )
12. "We can't turn back the days that have gone.  We can't turn life back to
    the hours when our lungs were sound, our blood hot, our bodies young.  We
    are a flash of fire--a brain, a heart, a spirit.  And we are
    three-cents-worth of lime and iron-which we cannot get back." (  )
13. "...world, world, o world,
     But that thy strange mutations make us hate thee,
     Life would not yield to age."  (   )
14. "Men should be what they seem;"  (  )
15. "I returned home, much older
     after crossing the world.

     Now I ask questions of nobody.

     But I know less every day".  (  )
16. "That year all the students seemed to mutate..."  (  )
17. "Clearly, advantageous mutations should be much less frequent than
      deleterious mutations."  (  )
18. "Education is all right, it's the people that spoil it."  (  )
19. "What I shrink from, I believe, is the shame of dying as stupid and
      befuddled as I am"  (  )
20. "The day was made for laziness, and lying on one's back in green places,
      and staring at the sky till its brightness forced one to shut one's eyes
      and go to sleep; and was this a time to be poring over musty books in a
      dark room, slighted by the very sun itself? Monstrous! (  )
21. "In her winter dress, as now, she was like the tiger-beetle, which, when
      observed in dull situations, seems to be of the quietest neutral colour,
      but under a full illumination blazes with dazzling splendour" (  )
22. "I used to love to drift along the pale-yellow cornfields, looking for the
      damp spots one sometimes found at their edges, where the smartweed soon
      turned a rich copper colour and the narrow brown leaves hung curled like
      cocoons about the swollen joints of the stem." (  )
23. "Sixty-seven years later, alone again, in a Jackson developed beyond her
	imagining, widowed, nearly all the adventures of her life in the past,
	she recalled the earlier memory of solitude.  Outside, her overgrown
	garden, full of trees, the ground dry, yellow, waiting for rain." ( )
24. "of making many books there is no end, and much study wearies the body" ()
25. "There is commonly less money, less wisdom, and less good faith than men
	 do account upon." (  )
26. "God so loved the world that he made fruit flies" ( )
27. "Uniform pleasantness is rather a defect than a faculty.  It shows that a
	man hasn't sense enough to know whom to dispise" ( )
28. "How I want a drink, alcoholic of course, after the heavy lectures
	involving quantum mechanics!" = ?
29. "I never give them hell, I just tell the truth and they think it's hell."
30. "...natural history, youth's glorious study, has, by dint of cellular
      improvements, become a hateful and repulsive thing." (  )
31. "That nobody should remember me who knew me in other days, is natural
      enough; but there are few people who, seeing me once, forget me now." ()
32. "Whatever my hearers might do, I myself always learned something by
      lecturing.  And to those who have experience of what a heart-breaking
      business teaching is--how much the can't-learns and won't-learns and
      don't-learns predominate over the do-learns--will understand the comfort
      of that reflection"
33. Noli turbare circulos meos  Don't disturb my circles
34. Nullius in verba   Don't take anyone's word for it
35. "You see our pretty things are all outdoors."
36. "You're bound to get ideas if you go thinkin about stuff."
37. "None of us can cast stones, for we are all fellow mutants together."
38. "It seems to me that the earth may be borrowed but not bought.  It may be
         used, but not owned.  It gives itself in 
response to love and tending, offers its
         seasonal flowering and fruiting.  But we 
are tenants and not possessors,
         lovers and not masters.  Cross Creek 
belongs to the wind and the rain, to
         the sun and the seasons, to the cosmic secrecy of seed, and beyond all,
         to time."
39. "...Nought may endure but Mutability"
40. "And if we seem a small factor in a huge 
pattern, nevertheless it is of relative 
        ... And so we went"
41. "Those are my principles.  If you don't like them, I've got others"
42. "Night was come, and her planets were risen: 
a safe still night; too serene for the 
companionship of fear.  We know that God is 
everywhere; but certainly we feel His presence 
most when His works are on the grandest scale 
spread before us:  and it is in the unclouded 
night-sky, where His worlds wheel their silent 
course, that we read clearest His infinitude, His 
omnipotence, His omnipresence."
43.  "It was a fine, busy, breathing, rustic 
landscape; and as I continued to descend, the 
highlands of Gevaudan kept mounting in front of 
me against the sky."

1. "So much things to say" Bob Marley
2. "Frogs, flies, and dandelions" M. Schilthuizen
3. "To Kill a Mockingbird" Harper Lee
4. "The Taming of the Shrew"
5.  The Knight's Tale, "The Canterbury Tales"
6.  Matt Ridley, "Genome"
7.  Gregor Mendel
8. "Measure for Measure"
9. "Green Hills of Africa"
10. Charles Darwin's Diary of the Voyage of H.M.S. Beagle
11. "King Lear"
12. "Look Homeward Angel"
13. "King Lear"
14. "Othello"
15. "And How Long", Pablo Neruda
16. "Ship Fever, Andrea Barrett
17. "The Neutral Theory of Molecular Evolution", Motoo Kimura
18.  Bartender in movie Easter Parade
19. "Waiting for the Barbrians". J. M. Coetzee
20. "The Old Curiosity Shop" Charles Dickens
21. "The Return of the Native" Thomas Hardy
22. "My Antonia"  Willa Cather
23  "A Turn in the South"  V. S. Naipaul
24.  Ecclesiastes 12:12
25. "The Advancement of Learning" Francis Bacon
26.  me
27. "A Pair of Blue Eyes", Thomas Hardy
28.  ¼
29.    Harry Truman
30.   Jean-Henri Fabre. 1879. "Souvenirs Entomologiques"
31.   Dickens  "Nicholas Nickleby"
32.   Thomas H. Huxley  "Man's Place in Nature"
33.   Archimedes 212 or 211 BC
34.   Royal Society motto
35.  Robert Frost  "The Housekepper"
36  Joad in "The Grapes of Wrath"
37.  H. J. Muller, 1950
38. Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings,  "Cross Creek"
39. Shelley  "Mutability"
40. John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts "The Log from the Sea of Cortez"
41. Marx (Groucho not Karl)
42. Charlotte Bronte  " Jane Eyre"
43. Robert Louis Stevenson  "Travels with a Donkdy in the Cevennes"

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