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[Drosophila] FlyAtlas news - 2 new tissues, multiple enhancements

Julian Dow via dros%40net.bio.net (by jatdow from gmail.com)
Fri May 18 15:13:55 EST 2007

http://FlyAtlas.org <http://flyatlas.org/> provides comprehensive Affymetrix
expression data across multiple post-embryonic Drosophila tissues.
We are please to announce the following enhancements:

*1) two new tissues have been added:
*   -- adult *thoracicoabdominal ganglion* (that's thoracic ganglion,
abdominal ganglion or ventral nerve cord to most people)
   -- adult *carcass* (what's left of the thorax after you've extracted the
gut, tubules, gonads and thoracicoabdominal ganglion)
The quality of the data is high: you can search on 'neuropeptide' with the
tissues search at http://flyatlas.org/tissues.cgi to see some impressively
clean signals.
It's perhaps a little less easy to get excited by the carcass genes, but
CG6188 is an example of one asociated with cuticle (just in head and

*2) New search engine:*
Although few users will notice the difference, the engine now searches ALL
fields of the latest Affymetrix annotation file (presently
Drosophila_2.na22.annot.csv), then pulls matching oligos from the
downloadable text file of all array data (all.txt).

*3) More detailed links:
*Each gene now has links to its FBgn entry, its full Affy probeset
description and evidence codes, its nucleotide and protein annotations, and
(truncated, because they're often long) Gene ontology, pathway, and interpro
Where a gene matches an entry in the BDGP embryonic expression in situ data,
a summary and links are provided.
Where a gene matches a human disease homologue, as defined by Homophila, a
link is provided to the Homophila entry, the human gene, and the OMIM
disease entry.
This means that, it you're searching on a gene that's new to you (or
completely novel!), you'll get a clear overview of what's known about it in
a compact format.

*4) Citation now available:*
*Chintapalli, V. R., Wang, J. and Dow, J. A. T. (2007). Using FlyAtlas to
identify better Drosophila models of human disease. Nature Genetics June
This should be online in early June.

We hope you enjoy this resource, and we welcome feedback.

Best wishes, Julian Dow

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