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Mistake in P element lines being discarded by Rubin Lab

Todd Laverty tlaverty at uclink4.berkeley.edu
Fri Apr 19 08:46:40 EST 2002

The list of P element lines I sent out earlier was wrong.  It had 
listed the "Primary lines" which are at Bloomington, not the "Reserve 
lines" that we will be discarding  on June 1, 2002.  Below is the 
correct list.  Please forgive me for any confusion I may have caused.


l(2)k07721	21B4-6
l(2)k13416	21B4-6
l(2)k13601	21B4-6
l(2)k16510	21B4-6
l(2)06751	21B7-8
l(2)k08218	21C4-5
l(2)k12913	21C4-5
l(2)01519	21C6-7
l(2)k13421	21D3-4
l(2)k00108	21D4-E1
l(2)k09530	21E2,3
l(2)k00420	21F1-2
l(2)k01217	21F1-2
l(2)k13009	22A5-6
l(2)k08027	22D3-4
l(2)k17036	22F1-4
l(2)k16804a	23B5-6
l(2)k05431	23C1-2
l(2)k08224	23D1-2
l(2)k05807	23D3-4
l(2)k04703	24A1-2
l(2)rF111	24A1-2
l(2)k14703	24E1-2
l(2)k00236	25C1-2
l(2)k03009	25C1-2
l(2)k16615	25C1-2
l(2)k09602	25D4-5
l(2)04643	25E5-6
l(2)02839	25F3-4
l(2)k06801	26A8-9
l(2)k01501	26B1-2
l(2)k04411	26B8-9
l(2)k09847	26D1-2
l(2)k05435	26D6-8
l(2)k02814	27C4-5
l(2)k11018	27C6-8
l(2)k09603	27C7-8
l(2)k06704	27D5-6
l(2)04894	27F1-2
l(2)k04301	27F4-5
l(2)s5286	28D1-2
l(2)s1883	28E1-2
l(2)k13638	28E3-4
l(2)k05610	29A1-2
l(2)k15708	29B1-2
l(2)k14509	29C1-2
l(2)k06303	29C3-4
l(2)k03509	29E1-2
l(2)k01021	29F1-2
l(2)k15101	30A3-5
l(2)s2201	30B5-6
l(2)k00804	30C1-2
l(2)k07607	30C1-2
l(2)k08408	30D3-4
l(2)k06507	30E1-2
l(2)k10909	31D1-2
l(2)k13717	31D8-9
l(2)k10801	31F4-5
l(2)k08405	32B1-2
l(2)k13811	32C1-2
l(2)k07717	32D1-2
l(2)k05205	33A1-2
l(2)k04910	33C4-5
l(2)k13606	33D1-2
l(2)k06713	33E7-8
l(2)s4214	34A1-2
l(2)k08704	34B6-7
l(2)k09934	34C4-5
  l(2)k06321	34D4-6
l(2)k06520	35A1-2
l(2)k11112	35C1-2
l(2)k00606	35D1-2
l(2)k05007	35D3-4
l(2)k07501	35D3-4
l(2)k00809	35F1-2
l(2)k12401	35F6-7
l(2)k06821	36A12-14
l(2)k10816	36C
l(2)k07112	36C8-11
l(2)k00308	37B8-9
l(2)k11538	37C6-7
l(2)s3547	37F1-2
l(2)k15716	38A5-6
l(2)k08103	38B1-2
l(2)k05702	38B4-6
l(2)k08613	38F3-4
l(2)k16804B	39A1-2
l(2)k06410	39B1-2
l(2)k07130	39B1-2
l(2)k07708	39B1-2
l(2)k16009	39B1-2
l(2)k08036	39C1-2
l(2)k05501	39E3-4
l(2)k08034	39E5-6
l(2)05230	39F1-2
l(2)k05429	39F1-2
l(2)k11104	39F1-3
l(2)k04601	41C
l(2)k13422	41C1-6
l(2)k01109	41F8-9
l(2)k03113	42A1-2
l(2)k04504	42A10-12
l(2)k15603	42A15-19
l(2)k02002	42B1-3
l(2)k00620	42C1-2
l(2)k02710	42C1-2
l(2)k03202	42C1-2
l(2)k09919	42C1-4
l(2)07769	42C8-9
l(2)05467	43D1-2
l(2)k14202	43D1-4
l(2)k09008	43E1-5
l(2)k11110	43E4-6
l(2)k10320	43E9-13
l(2)k07409	43F1-2
l(2)k04002	44C1-2
l(2)k15216	44C1-2
l(2)rN498	44C1-2
l(2)rH075 (w+)	44D5-6
l(2)rN173	44D5-6
l(2)k10313	44E1-2
l(2)k07737	44F11-12
l(2)k16218	44F3-4
l(2)k00413	45A4-8
l(2)k11209	45C3-4
l(2)k10201	45D4-5
l(2)k00604	46A1-2
l(2)s3484	46A1-2
l(2)k02003	46B1-2
l(2)k07309	46B1-2
l(2)k15502	46D1-2
l(2)k03703	46F1-2
l(2)k01017	46F5-6
l(2)k09901	47A11-12
l(2)k00401	47E1-2
l(2)k14026	48C1-2
l(2)k06102	48C5-6
l(2)k13306	48E1-2
l(2)k06005	48E10-11
l(2)k11803	48E4-5
l(2)k04213	48F1-2
l(2)k02703	49B3-6
l(2)k05408	49E1-2
l(2)k02401	50A12-14
l(2)k05803	50C11-12
l(2)k16601	50C14-15
l(2)k15819	50C17-19
l(2)k03405	50C9-10
l(2)k02214	50D1-2
l(2)k06618	50E4-7
l(2)k11320	50E4-7
l(2)k06203	51A1-2
l(2)k11904	51B1-5
l(2)k03307	51B7-10
l(2)k14707	51C1-2
l(2)k04218	51E1-2
l(2)k17029	51E10-11
l(2)08639	52E5-6
l(2)k14705	52E5-8
l(2)k11702	52F5-7
l(2)k05440	53B1-2
l(2)k16901	53C1-4
l(2)k11240	53C6-10
l(2)k10209	53E1-2
l(2)k14501	54B15-16
l(2)k15512	54C7-8
l(2)s2140	54F1-2
l(2)k07907	55B5-10
l(2)k08920	55B5-6
l(2)k00702	55C1-2
l(2)k04808	55D1-2
l(2)k13104	55E1-2
l(2)k12907	55E6-9
l(2)k06027	56D7-9
l(2)k00704	56F10-11
l(2)00053	56F6-9
l(2)k07917	57A5-6
l(2)k03401	57B13-14
l(2)k02517	57B2-3
l(2)k00904	57D11-12
l(2)k10215	57E1-2
l(2)k00119	57E6-7
l(2)k05115	57F1-2
l(2)k06515	58D1-2
l(2)k15821	58D4-5
l(2)k08134	58E1-2
l(2)k11534	58F4-5
l(2)k00212	59B1-2
l(2)k14618	59C1-4
l(2)k05606	59E3-4
l(2)05096	59F3-4
l(2)k15608	59F3-4
l(2)k11035	60A5-9
l(2)10530	60B4-5
l(2)k09317	60B4-5
l(2)k06308	60C1-2
l(2)k07909	60C6-8
l(2)k16724	60D1-2
l(2)03263	60E11-12
l(2)k15609	60F1-3
l(2)k05826	60F1-5


Todd Laverty
Rubin Lab
(510) 643-9780
tlaverty at uclink4.berkeley.edu
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