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Rubin Lab discarding fly stocks and P element lines.

Todd Laverty tlaverty at uclink4.berkeley.edu
Tue Apr 16 09:37:48 EST 2002

The following stocks and P element lines will be discarded from the
Rubin Lab collection on June 1, 2002.  If you are interested in
obtaining any, please contact Todd Laverty
(tlaverty at uclink4.berkeley.edu).

1		¼2
5		XX/sc z w-M0519 l-44ts
10		Sev-d2
12		FM6K
14		FM7c / KA14  ;; ry-506
17		eya
18		Bc Elp / CyO
19		CyO / nub b Sco lt stw-3
20		CyO / nub b Sco lt stw-3  ; ry-506
25		th  st  cu  sr  e-s  ca
26		TM3, Sb / CxD
27		TM3 , ryRK / e ftz ry-506
29		w-1118  ; TM3 / CxD
34		T[pDM 166;8]  Rh1-lacZ (on 3rd?)
35		P[Rh3.343lacZ]2(III)
36		P[Rh4.1900lacZ]8(II)
37		pGMR-Gal4  [12  on 2nd   (M. Freeman)]
38		pGMR-Gal4  [on 2nd  (select Cy)  (L. Zipursky)]
39		pGMR-P35 X-1
40		pGMR-P35 2-1
41		pGMR-P35 3-5
42		UAS-P35  2-Y  (on 2nd)
43		UAS-P35  3-W   (on 3rd)
44		UAS-Ras1-v12c40     [#100   (X)]
45		UAS-Ras1-v12S35/CyO     [#2  homozygous viable]
46		UAS-Ras1-v12G37    [#1  (X)]
47		UAS-Ras1-v12   [#10  (3rd)]
48		eyLZ2(M21); ry-506
49		eyG4-2-1/CyO
50		eyG4-3-1/TM3 or MKRS
51		eyEh-Ras1-v12/TM3  (keep at 18)
52		w  eyF1.2; CyO/Adv  (ry+     expression stronger and
leakier than eF1.1)
53		w  eyF1.1  (X)  (ry+  expression weaker and tighter than eF1.2)
54		w  eyF1.2; TM3/ TM6B  (ry+   expression stronger and
leakier than eF1.1)
55		w; TM3 - eyF3.1/ TM6B
56		w-1118;p[w+ sevEP-GAL4 ] #7   on 2nd
57		SR1-2  Dsor1 XS-520 / FM7c  (hypomorph)
58		SR1-2  Dsor1 1221/C(1) ywf; Dp3610
59		SR2-2  DBetaGGT-1/CR2   (XS2554)
60		SR2-3  phyl 221/CyO
61		SR2-3  phyl 2245/CR2  (null allele)
62		SR2-4  mam S-639/CR2
63		SR2-4  mam XS-2295/CR2
64		SR3-1 ksr-627/T2B (TM3)
65		SR3-1 ksr-638 / T2B
66		SR3-2  XS-355/T2B
67		SR3-2  S-432/T2B
68		SR3-4A  S-192/T2B
69		SR3-4A  XS-706/T2B
70		SR3-4B  TAF60 XS-705/T2B  DF?
71		SR3-4B  TAF60 XS-922/T2B
72		SR3-5  S-136/T2B
73		SR3-5  XS-2232/T2B
74		SR3-6  eyelid S-122/TM6B
75		SR3-6  eyelid XS-328/TM6B  DF
76		SR3-7  S-499/T2B
77		SR3-7  XS-5R/T2B  DF
78		SR3-8  S-131/T2B
79		SR3-8  XS-701/T2B
80		SR3-9  14-3-3E S-696/T2B   (E183K)
81		SR3-9  14-3-3E S-1259/TM3     (F199Y)
82		SR3-10  S-124/T2B
83		SR3-10  S-297/TM6B
84		ER2-1  E-33/CyO
85		ER2-1  E-203/CyO
86		ER2-2  yan XE-18/CyO (null)
87		ER2-2  yan XE-2213/CR2
88		ER2-3  XE-2542/CR2
89		ER2-3  XE-2722/CR2
90		ER2-4  XE-2171/CR2
91		ER2-4  XE-2866/CR2
92		ER2-5  PTP-ER XE-12N/CR2  (DF)
93		ER2-5  PTP-ER XE3022 /CR2  (viable)
94		ER2-6  PP2A  XE-2202/CR2
95		ER2-6  PP2A  E- 2258 / CR2
96		ER2-7A  XE-2175/CR2
97		ER2-7A  XE-2684/CR2
98		ER2-7B  XE-2847/CR2
99		ER2-8A  XE-2684/CR2
100		ER2-8A  XE-3080/CR2
101		ER3-1A  hh XE-2134/T2B
102		ER3-1A  hh XE-3161/T2B
103		ER3-2  XE-2551/T2B
104		ER3-2  XE-2795/T2B
105		ER3-3  XE-571/T2B
106		ER3-3  XE-979/T2B
107		ER3-4  XE-2178/T2B
108		ER3-5  XE-2335/T2B
109		ER3-5  XE-2617/T2B
110		sev-PTP-ER   (101)   (on X)
111		cnk-XE385
112		cnk- XE2083
113		sev-d2; sose4G/ CyO;ry
114		sev-d2;sose2H   c /CyO; ry
115		sev-d2; drkE0A/ CyO
116		sev-d2; Ras 1e2F/TM3, sevts
117		sev-d2; Ras 1e1B/TM3
118		st  sina2 / TM6B  (sinaCC1)  null
119		Gap1-B1 /TM6B  (bw; FZ1 st/ TM6B)
120		UAS-kuzDN (II)
121		UAS-kuzDN (III)
122		HS-kuzDN (III)
123		kuz-e29-4 ck FRT40A / CyO  hb-lacZ
124		w, hs FLP1; arm-lacZ, FRT40/CyO,  2L
125		w, hasFLP1; FRT42, arm-lacZ  ,2R
126		arm-lacZ, FRT18A/Bal; hsFLP38(2nd), X
127		y, w, hsFLP1; FRT82, arm-lacZ/TM3, ry ,3R
128		w; P[w+, arm-lacZ] 70C, FRT80B, 3L
168		w-1118; GUS-p53(259H)/ TM6B
169		w-1118; GUS-p53(CT)/ TM6B
170		w-1118; GUS-p53(FL)/ TM6B
171		UAS-Ras-v12G37/ CyO
172		CyO/ T(2;3)ap-Xa ; TM3/ T(2;3)ap-Xa
173		P[ovo D1] 2L FRT 2L, p[mini w+: ovo D] 2L-13X13,
p[hs-neo: ry+: FRT] 40A/bw-D/CyO
174		P[ovo D1] 3R FRT 3R, w:P[hs-neo:ry+: FRT] 82B, P[mini
w+: ovo D1] 3R a31n9/+/TM3,Sb
175		p[ovo D1] 3L FRT 80B, w: P[mini-w+: ovo D1] 3L-2X48,
p[hs-neo: ry+: FRT] 80B/+/TM3,Sb
176		w-1118;  rl-S352/ SM6-TM6B
177		Adv /SM6-TM6B

l(2)k07612	21B4-6
l(2)07812	21B4-6
l(2)03350	21B4-6
n(2)k10237	21B4-6
l(2)k14504	21B7-8
l(2)k07005	21C4-5
l(2)01270 	21C4-5
l(2)05486	21C6-7
l(2)04723	21D3-4
l(2)k05428	21D4-E1
l(2)07056	21E2-3
l(2)10685	21F1-2
l(2)06955	21F1-2
l(2)04111	22A5-6
l(2)s5379	22D3-4
l(2)10638	22F1-4
l(2)03575	23B5-6
l(2)00632	23C1-2
l(2)01361	23D1-2
l(2)k00237	23D3-4
l(2)06860	24A1-2
l(2)01863	24A1-2
l(2)01085	24E1-2
l(2)01209	25C1-2
l(2)k00405	25C1-2
l(2)k09003	25C1-2
l(2)k05901	25D4-5
l(2)k11511	25E5-6
l(2)k06502	25F3-4
l(2)10424 	26A8-9
l(2)02439	26B1-2
l(2)10642	26B8-9
l(2)k09923	26D1-2
l(2)k04917	26D6-8
l(2)02647	27C4-5
l(2)k10617	27C6-8
l(2)04493	27C7-8
l(2)k04704	27D5-6
l(2)02657	27F1-2
l(2)k00202	27F4-5
l(2)02496	28D1-2
l(2)05836	28E1-2
l(2)06243	28E3-4
l(2)k00206	29A1-2
l(2)k09614	29B1-2
l(2)k12914	29C1-2
l(2)k16715	29C3-4
l(2)k13702	29E1-2
l(2)06825	29F1-2
l(2)01351	30A3-5
l(2)03235	30B5-6
l(2)01272	30C1-2
l(2)k07104	30C1-2
l(2)k09010	30D3-4
l(2)k01215	30E1-2
l(2)08774	31D1-2
l(2)k06709	31D8-9
l(2)k10307	31F4-5
l(2)k05123	32B1-2
l(2)k03107	32C1-2
l(2)01501	32D1-2
l(2)04418	33A1-2
l(2)k04203	33C4-5
l(2)08323	33D1-2
l(2)00255	33E7-8
l(2)01510	34A1-2
l(2)k07826	34B6-7
l(2)k01403	34C4-5
v(2)k05224	34D4-6
l(2)09437	35A1-2
l(2)05441	35C1-2
l(2)07082	35D1-2
l(2)05206	35D3-4
l(2)k05305	35D3-4
l(2)00232	35F1-2
l(2)k11403	35F6-7
l(2)k08819	36A12-14
fs(2)01313	36C
l(2)k06710	36C8-11
l(2)01265	37B8-9
l(2)k06028	37C6-7
l(2)01068	37F1-2
l(2)k08115	38A5-6
l(2)k14014	38B1-2
l(2)03552	38B4-6
l(2)01528	38F3-4
l(2)05287	39A1-2
l(2)k09410	39B1-2
l(2)10523	39B1-2
l(2)07054	39B1-2
l(2)k07215	39B1-2
l(2)k05106	39C1-2
l(2)k05815	39E3-4
l(2)k06113	39E5-6
l(2)02074	39F1-2
l(2)03832	39F1-2
l(2)k08110	39F1-3
l(2)k03002	41C
l(2)02047	41C1-6
l(2)07022	41F8-9
l(2)k06109	42A1-2
l(2)k06210	42A10-12
l(2)k14710	42A15-19
l(2)01094	42B1-3
l(2)04065 	42C1-2
l(2)04535	42C1-2
l(2)k14019	42C1-2
l(2)01349	42C1-4
l(2)01289	42C8-9
l(2)03610 	43D1-2
l(2)k08815	43D1-4
l(2)03427	43E1-5
l(2)05643	43E4-6
l(2)08492	43E9-13
l(2)k07624	43F1-2
l(2)k03110	44C1-2
l(2)k07521	44C1-2
l(2)02502	44C1-2
l(2)k02507	44D5-6
l(2)s1878	44D5-6
l(2)05847	44E1-2
l(2)k16912	44F11-12
l(2)k16109	44F3-4
l(2)k00116	45A4-8
v(2)rG232	45C3-4
l(2)k09507	45D4-5
l(2)02353	46A1-2
l(2)03405	46A1-2
l(2)k03111	46B1-2
l(2)04454	46B1-2
l(2)03775	46D1-2
l(2)k03610	46F1-2
l(2)k10308	46F5-6
l(2)00642	47A11-12
l(2)04738	47E1-2
l(2)02516	48C1-2
l(2)01275	48C5-6
l(2)k05644	48E1-2
l(2)06444	48E10-11
l(2)02833	48E4-5
l(2)03909	48F1-2
l(2)08269	49B3-6
l(2)k04508	49E1-2
l(2)10626	50A12-14
l(2)k04204	50C11-12
l(2)k08121	50C14-15
v(2)k15606	50C17-19
l(2)k03010	50C9-10
l(2)03505	50D1-2
l(2)k04907	50E4-7
l(2)k12303	50E4-7
l(2)06949	51A1-2
l(2)00681	51B1-5
l(2)07214	51B7-10
l(2)k00103	51C1-2
l(2)02064	51E1-2
l(2)01288	51E10-11
l(2)10403 	52E5-6
l(2)k09905	52E5-8
l(2)k13209	52F5-7
l(2)02836	53B1-2
l(2)k07824	53C1-4
l(2)03021	53C6-10
n(2)k04810	53E1-2
l(2)k08901	54B15-16
l(2)k15815	54C7-8
l(2)06850	54F1-2
l(2)k02512	55B5-10
l(2)s1859	55B5-6
l(2)04440	55C1-2
l(2)08770	55D1-2
l(2)k03007	55E1-2
l(2)k06602	55E6-9
l(2)k00705	56D7-9
l(2)02448	56F10-11
l(2)k02701	56F6-9
l(2)05056	57A5-6
l(2)10469	57B13-14
l(2)05475 	57B2-3
l(2)k08108	57D11-12
l(2)10608	57E1-2
l(2)01467	57E6-7
l(2)03033	57F1-2
l(2)01738	58D1-2
l(2)k09801	58D4-5
l(2)k08316	58E1-2
l(2)k17002	58F4-5
l(2)01410 	59B1-2
l(2)06496	59C1-4
l(2)02132	59E3-4
l(2)02535	59F3-4
l(2)03041	59F3-4
l(2)02970	60A5-9
l(2)01296	60B4-5
l(2)k05633	60B4-5
l(2)k05318	60C1-2
l(2)03267	60C6-8
l(2)k08003	60D1-2
l(2)10481 	60E11-12
l(2)02957	60F1-3
l(2)00895	60F1-5


Todd Laverty
Rubin Lab
(510) 643-9780
tlaverty at uclink4.berkeley.edu
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