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Gordon Research Conference: Metamorphosis

Peter Cherbas cherbas at INDIANA.EDU
Mon May 17 16:18:06 EST 1999

This is a reminder that there is a <underline>new</underline> Gordon
Research Conference devoted to "Metamorphosis", meeting for the first
time July 10-15, 1999 at Connecticut College.  [The program is at the end
of this message.]

<underline>There are still openings.</underline>  You can apply on-line
by contacting the Gordon Research Conference homepage:

Program for Gordon Conference:  Metamorphosis

Connecticut College, July 10-15, 1999 

Chair:			Lynn M. Riddiford (University of Washington)

Vice Chair:		Peter T. Cherbas (Indiana University)

Sat July 10, evening  Mixer

Sun., July 11, AM	Hormonal Regulation of Metamorphosis

Discussion Leader:	L. I. Gilbert (University of North Carolina)


1) Janis Weeks (University of Oregon)  Ecdysteroid regulation of synaptic
reorganization and neuronal death during Manduca metamorphosis

2) Fred Nijhout (Duke University)  Diversity and complexity in the
hormonal control of metamorphosis

3) Robert Denver (University of Michigan)  Development and function of
the neuroendocrine system during amphibian metamorphosis

4) Tyrone Hayes (University of California, Berkeley)  Integrative
approaches to amphibian metamorphosis: the role of environment, hormones,
and genes

Sun., July 11, PM	Keynote Speaker:  Donald D. Brown (Carnegie Institution
of Washington)  The multiple genetic programs of metamorphosis


Mon., July 12, AM	 Gene Activation and Repression

Discussion Leader:	William Segraves (Yale University)


1) Alan Wolffe (NIH)  Transcriptional repression strategies and

     control by TR/RXR and v-erbA that make use of chromatin modification
and disruption

2) Michael Stallcup (University of Southern California)  Multiple
coactivators that mediate transcriptional activation by nuclear

3) Beatrice Darimont (University of California, San Francisco)  Mechanism
of ligand dependent activation of nuclear receptors.

4) Michael Levine (University of California, Berkeley)  Transcriptional
control of Drosophila and Ciona embryogenesis

Mon., July 12, PM	Hormonal Receptors and Gene Regulation

Discussion Leader:	To be named


1) Peter Cherbas (Indiana University)  EcR/USP as a switch: alternative
activation domains, dimerization, and ligand responses  

2) Kiyoshi Hiruma (University of Washington)  Regulation of nuclear
hormone receptors by juvenile hormone

3) To be named

Tues, July 13, AM	Transcription Factor Cascades

Discussion Leader:	David Hogness (Stanford University)


1) Carl Thummel (University of Utah)  Hormonal regulation of Drosophila

2) David Champlin (University of Washington)  Metamorphosis of the
Manduca visual system provides new views on hormone action

3) David Furlow (University of California, Davis)  Multiple coactivators
that mediate transcriptional activation by nuclear receptors

4) To be named

Tues., July 13, PM	Evolution of Metamorphosis

Discussion Leader:	Billie Swalla (Pennsylvania State University)


1)  Jim Truman (University of Washington)  Endocrine insights into the
evolution of insect metamorphosis 

2) John Youson (University of Toronto)  The lability and antiquity of
lamprey metamorphosis

3) Vincent Laudet (CNRS, Lyon) Evolution of metamorphosis: the role of
nuclear hormone receptors

Wed., July 14, AM  Cellular Specification and Differentiation During


Discussion Leader:	Judy Willis (University of Georgia)


1) Donald Riddle (University of Missouri)  Signals, receptors, and
transcription factors controlling C. elegans dauer larva morphogenesis 

2)   To be named

3) Ian Duncan (Washington University)  Patterning in the adult abdomen of

4) Linda Restifo (University of Arizona) Hormonal control of CNS
reorganization: genetic and cell culture approaches

Wed., July 14, PM	Cellular Alterations During Metamorphosis:  

Discussion Leader:	Gail Burd (University of Arizona)


1) Yun-Bo Shi (NIH)  Roles of cell-ECM interactions during thyroid
hormone-dependent apoptotic intestinal remodeling

2) Nick Marsh-Armstrong (Carnegie Institution of Washington) 
Proliferation and projection changes in the Xenopus laevis retina

3) Y. Yaoita (Tokyo Metropolitan University) The analysis of a myoblastic
cell line derived from amphibian tadpole tail.

Thurs, July 15, AM 	Cell Death During Metamorphosis

Discussion Leader:	J. R. Tata (National Institute for Medical Research,
London )


1) Katsutoshi Yoshizato (Hiroshima University)  Mechanism of conversion
of larval epidermal cells to adult ones during anuran metamorphosis 

2) Eric Baehrecke (University of Maryland)  Steroid regulation of
programmed cell death during Drosophila metamorphosis 

3) Steve Robinow (University of Hawaii)  Transcriptional regulation of
cell death genes in the post-embryonic nervous system of Drosophila

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