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Region 25D stocks available only until November 1, 1999

Kevin Cook kcook at bio.indiana.edu
Fri Jul 16 17:00:35 EST 1999

Region 25D stocks available from the Bloomington Stock Center only until
November 1, 1999.

Paul Boyer and colleagues at the University of Wisconsin at Parkside have
generated a collection of fourteen EMS-induced lethals that fail to
complement Df(2L)tkv[sz2].  This is the region of the following
previously-mapped genes:

thickveins (tkv)
vrille (vri)
Muscle-specific protein 300 (Msp-300)
Blastoderm-specific 25D (Bsg25D) genes.  

The fourteen EMS lethals show complex complementation patterns with
themselves and with the previously-isolated mutations.  They also show
striking maternal effects on complementation.  Paul Boyer is not able to
continue the analysis of these mutations himself and would like them made
available to interested Drosophila labs.

The Bloomington Stock Center will maintain these stocks and make them
freely available until November 1, 1999. Since the stocks are relatively
uncharacterized, they will be discarded after this date.  If you would like
to obtain this set of stocks, contact Kevin Cook or Kathy Matthews at
flystocks at bio.indiana.edu.  

Complementation data for the EMS lethals will be provided upon request. 

A preliminary description of these mutations was presented at the 1996 Fly
Meeting in San Diego.  The abstract of that presentation is copied below.

Mutagenesis of the 25D region:  site of bsg25D and tkv, two adjacent,
developmentally regulated genes.
Boyer, Storck-Schattner and Peterson.  
A. Conf. Dros. Res. 37 1996 :175

The blastoderm stage of Drosophila embryogenesis is a time of major
transitions.  The nuclear division rate slows dramatically, zygotic
transcription begins, the first cells of the embryo proper form, and the
fate of cells comprising the larval and adult ectoderm are determined.  We
are interested in the role that the bsg25D locus plays during this period
of development.  This locus encodes three transcripts, one of which is
expressed only during the blastoderm stage.  Comparison to protein
databases suggested low levels of similarity to the fos oncogene protein
and to repeated domains of tropomyosin and myosin, but provided little
insight into the function of bsg25D.  Recent comparisons to the Genbank
database, however, revealed that bsg25D is very closely linked to another
developmentally regulated gene, tkv--fewer than 400 base pairs separate the
last bsg25D poly(A) addition site from the 5'-most tkv cDNA sequence.  We
have initiated mutagenic screens of the 25D region to generate mutations in
the bsg25D locus which might provide greater insight into the role of this
locus during embryogenesis.  Both EMS- and P-induced mutation are being
collected.  Due to the very intriguing genomic organization of these genes,
we are also analyzing mutations for possible genetic interactions.  We will
present the results of our screens and discuss the genetic interactions
within the 25D region. 
Kevin Cook, Ph.D.		Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center
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