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stock recommendation

Chris Jones & Deirdre Sumpter 4christopher.jones at nashville.com
Fri Jul 9 21:20:57 EST 1999

In article <3785D1D0.5CAE at princeton.edu>, miloushv at princeton.edu wrote:

> Does anyone know of a recessive phenotypically maked D.mel stock, that
> has a X-linked suppressor of a Y-linked dominant lethal, that is
> suitable for mutagenesis. If that is inexistant, could someone recommend
> a stock, or two different stocks, that when mated produce inviable
> males, but completely normal females (phenotypically and genotypically).
> I basically want to mutagenize males, mated them, and kill of the male
> F1s, while getting females that carry induced mutations, but are
> otherwise normal. I greatly appreciate your advice.

It's not possible to produce *genotypically* "normal" (i.e. wild-type)
females in your F1 unless you have at least one w.t. homolog of each
chromosome (except the Y) in the father, right? So the putative suppressor
of the Y-linked lethal has to be autosomal, dominant, and that chromosome
marked so that you can select against it in the daughters. But if it's
dominant then half of the sons will get it and survive, ruining the whole
scheme. I think you're going to have to give up on this and just collect
virgin daughters (but I could easily be wrong, there are lots of
mind-bending genetic tricks out there.): try looking up "virginator cross"
in either Ashburner or in Ralph Greenspan's FlyPushing book.

Good luck,

Chris Jones

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