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Tom & Ellen frograptor at email.msn.com
Sun Jan 3 11:34:22 EST 1999

I really do not know why I follow this newsgroup (no offense intended), but
being a science minded person  I generally enjoy the topics.    I culture
drosophilia to feed out to poison dart frogs which I breed and plan to study
more in depth in the future.  My question today is on these incubators that
I have been reading posts about for a few days now.  First, what do they do
for the overall production of the flies?  Are healthier flies produced when
incubated?  And would it be worth my while to purchase such an incubator. (I
know no-one else in my trade who uses them at this time.)  Also what is the
average cost and is it possible to find a good used one that would do the
job.  If it helps in providing an answer as to how worthwhile it would be
for me, I literally feed out a few thousand a day at times.  Thank you for
any feedback in advance.

Jim Price wrote in message ...
>I have two Precision model 815 incubators which have been in operation for
>8 years.  I use propionic acid in my fly food.   About five years ago one
>of them developed  a corrosion induced perforation in the cooling coils, at
>a week point in a soldered joint.  The refridgeration maintenance person
>soldered the perforation and recharged the coolant.  He then pulled out an
>aerosol can of enamel paint and spray painted the coils.  I haven't had any
>trouble since.  The other incubator has not given any problems (but I can't
>remember if the maintenance person painted the coils on that one too).
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