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biochemical explantion for why dros are attracted to alcohol... (from yeast)??

NBlanda nblanda at aol.com
Tue Dec 21 05:27:11 EST 1999

I hope that you can help me. I am not a student nor a scientist, just a woman
who is being haunted by fruit flies and wants to get rid of them.

I did a search on Yahoo and found you.

I don't think I even understand your references, i.e. vanillan (vanilla?),
limogen (?), alcohol (a bottle of rum??)??

This summer a lot of people I know, including me a problems with them. I wasn't
infested, but the ones I had would not go away, causing me to put all my fruit
in the refrigerator (which kills the taste of much fruit and many veggies).The
only  ones that remained 'out' were the onions and potatoes in my pantry bin
(wooden unit with shelves and vented front). They were impossible to kill (by
trying to catch them and 'swat' them individually. The supermarket produe
manager suggested they were attracted to cider vingar and to leaave a cup out
near the produce. No dice. Finally, after weeks they went away.

Recently they started reappearing. Oddly eough, I do not have any produce out
now (except the onions and potatoes). This time, I found one or two in the
living roo
m, in the bedroom, in the laundry room iin addition to the kitchen. I thought
this odd. ALSO, they are more AGGRESSIVE. They
are also Stupid AND slow. When they land, I am able to kill them with a paper

The other day I found a bad potato in the bin..cleaned it up. But they are
still here!!!!

Besides being totally grossed out, I have health concerns and a NEW BABY. I
don't want these bugs in my home.

Can you suggest any ways to get rid of them or places for me to search for

THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for your time and asistance.


ROBIN..I am sending via email since I AM NOT SURE HOW TO FIND YOUR MESSAGE
BOARD AGAIN. My email address is Blanda at Bellatlantic.net I wuold appreciate it
if you wuold respond to that address!! THANK YOU!!

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