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Randy Chan rachan at ucalgary.ca
Thu Oct 29 00:37:37 EST 1998

Ok, my fly project was going fine, I had my crossing all going well, test
cross B's, Cross A's and Test Cross A's, but i'm having problems
classifying my flies!!!

My unknown was orange eyes and bent wings, wild type was red eyes straight
wings.  Here are my results so far:

Cross A
P1A:    unknown female  X   OR male
F1A:   females- all wild type
	males- all orange eyes

Cross B
they started for us:
P1B:  curly, plum, stubble, ubx female  X   unknown male
F1B:    14 curly stubble
	15 curly Ubx
	14 plum stubble
	11 plum Ubx
note:  Ubs can't be seen, if its not stubble then its assumed to be Ubx

Test Cross B (2)
1)  P1B:  Curly Stubble male  X homozygous recessive female (my unknown)
    F1B:  bent, stubble
	  curly stubble
	*all red eyes (wild type), approx. 1:1:1:1

2)  P1B:  Plum Stubble male   X homozygous recessive female (unknown)

    F1B:  plum stubble
	  bent stubble (wild type eyes)
	  bent (wild type eyes)  	
	* approx. 1:1:1:1

I've made my test cross A, which is:

P1TcA:  F1A female  X homozygous recessive male (unknown)

How can I predict the phenotypes?
I've been classifying them and i been getting various types of shade of
eye color.  The lab TA's don't tell us what eyey color we see and its very
difficlut to tell.

So far i'm getting for eye color:

red (wild type) 
orange (unknown)

pale orange
bright red

the last two i'm not too sure about, I been getting various forms of teh
color, some have a brownish color some are really bright orange.  We are
told that we have 3 mutant genes, so far i know of the bent wings, and
orange eye color.

We also have to predict F2A from the results of our Test Cross A's, but
its hard when you can't classfy them correctly.
I believe thats all the info.  if you need to know more just let me know.
It would be great if anyone could help me with this problem thanks!

		       		   * * *
		       		  *  * *  *
		        	*  *   *  *
			       *   *   *   *
			      *     * *     *
			      *      *      *
			      *     *       *
			       *   *       *
			        * *       *
			         *       **
       				 *       *  *
 			       *       *    *
			      *       *      *	
			     *       **       *
			    *       *  *       *
			   *       *    *       *
			   *      *      *       *
			    *    *        *      *
			     *  *          *    *
			      **            *  *

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