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The Second Chromosome Cam Duplication Kit

Kevin Cook kcook at bio.indiana.edu
Wed Oct 14 16:59:48 EST 1998

The Second Chromosome Cam Duplication Kit

A set of large duplications covering >90% of the second chromosome is now
available from the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center.  These Dp(2;2)
stocks were generated and donated by David Gubb, Darin Coulson, Siegrun
Herrmann and John Roote of Cambridge University.  These duplications are
useful in screening for dosage-dependent enhancers and suppressors of
mutant phenotypes.  In addition, because the Cam duplications are nested
within inverted chromosomal segments, they act as balancer chromosomes for
the duplicated regions.  This makes the Cam duplications ideal for
recovering and maintaining haplo-lethal and haplo-sterile mutations.

Short name 	Stock #	Duplicated region

Dp(2;2)Cam1	3392	21E2 to 23D1
Dp(2;2)Cam2	3394	23D1 to 26C1-2
Dp(2;2)Cam3	3401	26C1-2 to 29E
Dp(2;2)Cam4	3403	29E to 32F
Dp(2;2)Cam5	4521	32F to 35B1-2
Dp(2;2)Cam6	4518	35B1-2 to 36C
Dp(2;2)Cam8	2630	36C to 2Lh
Dp(2;2)Cam10	4520	2Rh to 43A1-2
Dp(2;2)Cam11	2626	43A1-2 to 47B10-14
Dp(2;2)Cam13	3391	47B10-14 to 48C
Dp(2;3)Cam14T	4519	49A to 51EF
Dp(2;2)Cam17	4744	52D10-E1 to 53F
Dp(2;2)Cam18	4745	53F to 57C4-6
Dp(2;2)Cam16	2622	57C4-6 to 60E5-8

The genotypes of these duplication stocks are given below as they appear in
the Bloomington stock list. (Note that the "Dp(2;2)Cam" chromosome names
are used for convenience. The full designations of these aberrations
reflect their construction from pairs of pericentric inversions.)

3392	In(2LR)DTD8[L]S[325R]/CyO, bw[1]  ! = Dp(2;2)Cam1
3394	In(2LR)DTD24[L]DTD8[R], sp[1]/CyO, bw[1]  ! = Dp(2;2)Cam2
3401	In(2LR)DTD111[L]DTD24[R], bw[1] sp[1]/CyO, bw[1]  ! = Dp(2;2)Cam3
3403 	In(2LR)DTD107[L]DTD111[R], Dp(1;2)TE23CD, vg[1]/CyO, bw[1]  ! =
4521	In(2LR)noc[4L]DTD107[R], bw[1] sp[1]/In(2LR)Gla, Gla[1] Bc[1] Egfr[E1]
ap[*] cn[1] bw[1]  ! = Dp(2;2)Cam5
4518 	In(2LR)S1[L]noc[4R], cn[1] bw[1]/CyO  ! = Dp(2;2)Cam6
2630	In(2LR)C3[L]CH9-25[R], b[1]/In(2L)Cy, In(2R)Cy, al[2] Cy[1] pr[1]
Bl[1] cn[2] vg[1] c[1] sp[2]  ! = Dp(2;2)Cam8
4520	In(2LR)TE35B-SZ4[L]noc[4R], (al[1]) dp[ov1] b[1] noc[TE35B] pr[1]
cn[1] bw[1]/CyO, Df(2L)noc20  ! = Dp(2;2)Cam10
2626	(y[*] w[*]); In(2LR)TE35B-226[L]TE35B-4[R], b[1] pr[1] pwn[1]/CyO,
b[81f2] rk[81f2]  ! = Dp(2;2)Cam11
3391	In(2LR)DTD128[L]TE35B-226[R], Dp(1;2)TE23CD, net[1] dpp[d-ho]/CyO  ! =
4519 	Ts(2Lt;3Rt)6r23+Ts(2Rt;3Lt)H24, cn[1]/CyO  ! = Dp(2;3)Cam14T
4744	In(2LR)DTD99[L]RevB[R], dpp[d-ho] cn[1] bw[1]/CyO  ! = Dp(2;2)Cam17
4745	In(2LR)Pu[LyL]DTD99[R]/CyO  ! = Dp(2;2)Cam18
2622	In(2LR)lt[G16L]Pu[LyR], b[1] bw[1]/CyO  ! = Dp(2;2)Cam16

This list of stocks is also available from

For more information on the methods used to construct these duplication
chromosomes, see:

Craymer, L.  1981. Techniques for manipulating chromosomal rearrangements
and their application to Drosophila melanogaster.  Part I.  Pericentric
inversions.  Genetics 99: 75-97.

Gubb, D., S. McGill and M. Ashburner  1988.  A selective screen to recover
chromosomal deletions and duplications in Drosophila melanogaster.
Genetics 119: 377-390.

Gubb, D.  1998.  Chromosome mechanics:  the genetic manipulation of
aneuploid stocks. Chapter 4 (pp. 109-130) in "Drosophila, a practical
approach", 2nd edition, edited by D.B. Roberts. Oxford University Press.

Kevin Cook, Ph.D.               Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center
Department of Biology           kcook at bio.indiana.edu
Jordan Hall                     812-855-5782
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN  47405-6801

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