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Qu: what's unusual about these traits on a fruit fly

Chris Jones & Deirdre Sumpter 4drjones at usit.net
Wed May 20 19:29:31 EST 1998

In article <1998052017410700.NAA18288 at ladder01.news.aol.com>,
strehlow1 at aol.com (Strehlow1) wrote:

> I am a high school student doing a genetics lab on Drosophila Melanogascar.  I
> receive extra credit if I can idenitify what is unusual about Aristopedia
> (antennae) and Dichete (wing angle) when you mate a normal drosophila with a
> drosophila with one of those two traits.  I am guessing it is something other
> than a sex linked trait or a normal trait.  Thanks in advance for the help.  I
> need it ASAP!

Ryan --

Unfortunately, not being in your class (and therefore not knowing what
your teacher has told you about geentics), it's impossible to say what is
"unusual" about those particular genes. The Drosophila Virtual Library


or FlyBase


might give you a line on it, though. Good luck. (And BTW, it's "Drosophila
melanogaster" -- don't let anybody ever try and tell you that details
aren't important.)

Chris Jones

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