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Thu Apr 30 14:41:54 EST 1998


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SEGMENTATION ANTIBODIES<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

As part of a long term project to model the segmentation cascade from
maternal gradients to wingless/engrailed stripe formation, our lab is
constructing a precise numerical atlas of blastoderm gene expression
(see (e.g.)
http://www.smi.stanford.edu/projects/helix/psb98/kosman.pdf).  In
order to this, we have raised a panel of antibodies to segmentation
genes (D. Kosman, S. Small, and J. Reinitz: Rapid preparation of a
panel of polyclonal antibodies to Drosophila segmentation proteins.
Development Genes and Evolution, in press) which we would like to make
available to the fly community. Confocal images made with these serums
can be found in GeNet, Maria Samsonova's database of gene networks
(http://www.csa.ru:82/Inst/gorb_dep/inbios/genet/s0patt.htm; mirrors
under construction at mssm.edu and csl.sony.co.jp).

These serums were raised by David Kosman. This work is supported by
grant RO1-RR-07801 from the US NIH.  We thank S. Small, H. Jackle,
P. MacDonald, M.  Frasch, L. Pick, P. Gergen, E. Ward, D. Coulter,
K. Cadigan, and C. Desplan for sending us expression constructs!

The following serums are available:

PROTEIN       | Rat Serum | Guinea  Pig Serum   | Rabbit Serum 
Bicoid        |    +++    |                     |          
Caudal        |           |        +++          |    
Hunchback     |    +++    |        +++          |
Kruppel       |     +     |        +++          | 
Giant         |    ++     |                     |    +++ 
Knirps        |    ++     |        +++          |
Tailless      |           |         +           |     ++ 
Eve           |    +++    |        ++           |
Ftz           |    ++     |                     |     
Runt          |    ++     |        +++          |
Hairy         |    ++     |         +           | 
Odd           |    +++    |        ++           |
Paired        |           |        +++          |     ++
Sloppy-Paired |           |        ++           |      + 

The symbols in the table are a rough working measure of serum quality:
+++ indicates minimal background and large signal at dilutions on the
order of a thousandfold; ++ indicates higher concentrations are needed
and background is larger; + indicates a usable serum but preabsorbtion
is required. Altogether there are 25 available serums against 14
antigens. We will ship collect with dry ice via FedEx, Airborne, or

*****Send requests to dave at eve.molbio.mssm.edu (David Kosman).*****

We do face a logistical problem, however. There are exactly three
people in our lab, and only two are biologists. Hence we will probably
be forced to accumulate requests and make shipments every month or
two. We would like to appeal to larger labs to become distribution
centers for the serums.  If you become a distribution center, we'll
send you a big box of goodies and refer requests in your area to
you. So far, Dr M. Ruiz-Gomez (mr10017 at hermes.cam.ac.uk) has offered
to distribute to Cambridge U.  in the UK (he's got the stuff) and
Tatiana Shandala of Rob Saint's lab at the University of Adelaide
(tshandala at genetics.adelaide.edu.au).  We'd particularly like to get a
lab to distribute to the EU and Western North America.

Best regards,

John Reinitz

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