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[bio.dros] Re: Help: Dros. Anesthesia?

ASZTALOS, Zoltan asztalos at fly.erato.jst.go.jp
Mon Mar 31 06:13:34 EST 1997

Chris Boake さんが 14:38 97.3.27 -0500ごろに
「[bio.dros] Re: Help: Dros. Anesthesia?」の件で:
>In article <333953A8.E31 at pkgconsult.com>, jpflumjr at geocities.com wrote:
>> Is there any way to make home-made anesthesia (sp?)?  I have tried
>> putting the flies in the refridgerator but they do not stay dormant for
>> very long.  Thanks.  
>> -- 
>> John Pflum, Jr
>Try using a chilled platform: a dish of crushed ice with a smaller petri
>dish, upside down, over it.  Hard to draw but maybe my diagram below
>transmitted OK -- you want the open side of the petri dish down, with the
>rim in the ice, and the underside of your "table" touching the crushed
>ice.  You can also chill the flies by putting them into an empty vial (no
>glop for them to get stuck on) and shoving it into crushed ice; you'll
>need to work out how many minutes are necessary but it is likely to be
>less than 4 (I use 4 min for housefly-sized flies).  You knock the flies
>out in the ice bath and then manipulate them on the chilled platform.
>        _____________
>      | |            | |
>      |________________|
>There is something called "flynap" that can be bought from biological
>supply houses (I think Carolina carries it).  I have never used it because
>some of the chemical anaesthesias have long-term influences on fly
>good luck!

Doesn't it become too wet soon?


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