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Heaven's gate cult vs UFO -- human-alien dual identity (II)

paranormal font at CRIS.COM
Sat Mar 29 22:24:10 EST 1997

[continue from the part 1]

MONGOLOID HUMANS: The Oriental races are descendants of the colony from
Vega which
populated the constellation of Orion. This colony developed into the
form we call Mongoloid or
Oriental, as a result of their Orion environment; mainly planets in the
vicinity of Orion's Belt. Their
height ranges from five to seven feet tall, and skin tone varies
depending on the magnitude of their
particular sun. 

At one time, most stars in the Orion constellation were controlled by
the oppressive Orion Empire,
whose headquarters was located in the Orion Nebula. Now only a handful
of planets are controlled
by the Empire, and it is no longer a major threat to outside systems.
The clandestine Illuminati has
strong connections with the Orion Empire (as it is a 'founder-member'),
and the latter has been
known to terrorise Earth humans in the guise of the Men in Black (note
the Oriental features
described by many witnesses). Now this form is used by several groups,
not necessarily with
malevolent intent. 

It should be remembered that not all UFO visitors are coming from our
present time. Most are
capable of time travel, and indeed a lot of the primitive, self-serving
groups are from the past. We
are also being visited by humans from the future of our own planet, and
many others in this area of
the galaxy. Many groups work together. For example, the benign Zetas
frequently employ Nordics
in the capacity of empaths; to assist them in understanding our complex

It is quite normal for souls to have incarnations on an infinite series
of planets, and many of us have
at one time been members of some of these visiting civilisations;
especially those descended from
Lyra. Often we interchange between races: we may have incarnated on the
astral Venus after having
spent time in Zeta Reticuli. All of us are no different spiritually, and
truly all racial groups are
working as a symbiotic whole. We are each a teacher to others, and the
major lesson all are
learning is that advancement can only take place through integration. 


Why we are implanted and what is involved. 

The locator implant is to locate you and monitor your location. This can
be placed anywhere in the
body providing it is safe; normally it is within the skull. It can also
be, and is, inserted into the nose
and the ear, sometimes into the leg with like a pressure injection. 

This device is quite simple, normally silicon - all it does is emit a
vibration. When your next
experience is due it will emit a frequency, and the ship closest to your
area will home in on this
signal. Its computer will receive your catalogue number and personal
file: this is downloaded into the
consciousness of the workers on board - all occupants of the ship.
Therefore, they can appear to
know you very well, because the downloaded information is the sum of all
interactions with you;
conducted by all beings involved in this programme. Although there is
one particular being which has
a special bond with you - one of the tall beings. These beings are
normally non-physical, they move
in and out of physicality. 

The tall beings, as you call them, normally teleport from ship to ship.
If you are due to be received
into a ship, they will teleport themselves into that ship and await your
arrival. Otherwise, in some
cases, they will actually enter the place where you are to be taken from
and travel to the ship with
you. Or, in other cases, they will be on board a larger ship and the
smaller ship in your area will take
you to them in that larger ship. 

These beings are also connected with you in a guiding capacity. Being
primarily of a non-physical
existence, their relationship with you is at first spiritual - you will
probably have had a past-life

Another implant is one that is inserted into the eye. This is extremely
minute, very much smaller than
a pin head. The purpose of this one is to monitor the activity in the
eye, because we are researching
your eye as it is different to ours. We would like to incorporate these
components into a hybrid
offspring. It records the activity in your eye, and how this is linked
with your brain - the exchange of
data. This implant is inserted with a laser beam. 

The implant commonly placed in the nasal cavity is for communication. A
communication facilitator,
also to facilitate the reactivation of your pineal gland. We also place
the locator implant in this area.
Occasionally, the communication implant may make its way deeper into the
brain, and when this
occurs it is to manipulate your neurochemical activity somewhat, with
the aim of controlling your
memory of these experiences. Primarily we use a hypnotic suggestion that
you do not remember. 

Tne purpose of an implant placed in the ear is to reactivate your
pituitary gland; where this implant
will make its way deeper into your brain. Also, in cases where the
individual is difficult to control in
an altered state, this implant will emit a vibrational tone that will
help alter their brainwave patterns.
This implant can be used to monitor your hearing as well. 

There are many different kinds of implants inserted into these places.
In addition to physical implants
there are many electronic or non- physical devices, which are implanted
into your various bodies -
especially the emotional body. Also, we have technology where we can
insert an implant into your
body without physical apparatus. It is, to use that word, 'apported'
there - although this technology
is only used by a minority of groups. There is also technology to repair
damage caused by the
insertion of implants - this again is not used by all groups. 

If you are in the presence of another 'abductee', a vibrational
resonance may occur between your
implants - similar to interference from a radio station which is close
to your broadcast frequency. 

One purpose of a brain implant is to monitor your neurochemical activity
and secretions. Other
implants are used to stimulate your sexuality and monitor the activity
in a situation with another

We also inject you with various liquids which are to do with refining
your cellular structure, curing
certain illnesses and improving your compatibility with us. There is a
gelatinous substance which we
occasionally put over your skin - this is a cleansing agent and removes
all germs. We also have
electromagnetic devices which can cleanse your auric field for the time

There is much technology... we even have devices which we implant into
you, not all the time, but
these can assist in altering your vibrational rate during the
transportation process. There are also
implants that are attached to the heart area, although these are quite
rare. In the case of a defective
heart, these may be used. 

An implant which is inserted into the nasal cavity can also be used as a
link with our computer
systems, where an exchange of data can be accomplished. 

Our implants are mostly of an organic tissue. We have technology similar
to your microchips, but
this employs the organic tissue, which is redesigned at the atomic
level. So, in appearance it would
be a small chip of silicon. Other designs include the small metallic
ball that you know of. 

Readers may contact Jonathan through the magazine for details of how to
remaining copies of Star Force magazine.- ED

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