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Heaven's gate cult vs UFO -- human-alien dual identity (I)

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Sat Mar 29 22:22:53 EST 1997


By J D Hurst (our resident abductee, channel and metaphysician)

Photo of Jonathan on right is copyright Truthseekers Magazine 1996. 

Jonathan is the former editor of Star Force magazine and has firsthand
knowledge of
channelled (telepathically received) information. He is also a former
being of the Reticulan
star system and present-life participant in the hybridisation programme,
otherwise called
the Essassani Project. He is now 22, and all of his life has been what
American ufologists
term a dual referencer - meaning that he is the subject of a
'human-alien dual identity'. His
channelling (or telepathically communication) is the result of slipping
into alien mode,
which can be done at any time. Often he finds himself living life from
the alien perspective,
which can be quite confusing and traumatic. Read, in this section, his
fascinating insights
on the way our world and other worlds operate. And watch out because
there are quite a
few Jonathans out there! 

I have spent many years investigating people's perceptions of reality,
for I consider myself to be a
sceptic. There are a lot of misconceptions about sceptics, because many
have used the term without
fully understanding its meaning. A sceptic is not an agnostic (one who
simply doesn't know), but a
person who opposes the beliefs of another, in favour of a different
belief system. Absolutely
everyone bases their existence on a belief system, even the agnostics. 

A strong Western belief is that we are the finite physical body, and our
consciousness terminates
upon its death. During my research I noticed how our society tends to
put everything into boxes
with all sorts of labels. Basically, we are a very fragmented society.
We have the normal and
paranormal, sane and insane, spiritual and material, life and death,
fact and fiction, etc. We are
obsessed with cataloguing everything, and that which doesn't comply with
official doctrine is put into
'X-boxes'; such as the paranormal. 

The paranormal is basically natural phenomena that does not fit into the
paradigm of orthodox
science. However, there is nothing which cannot be explained by the laws
of nature. Scientists
appear not to be able to explain everything, because they don't totally
understand nature -
obviously. Look around you, at all the pollution and environmental

In the East, society is not so fragmented. Eastern cultures tend not to
put everything into boxes, as
they are more holistic. Until the West exerted its influence, Easterners
had never heard of a
'paranormal' or any other of our limiting dualities. Their understanding
of the world and universe was
all-inclusive. They weren't so limited in their systems of determining
reality. Unfortunately, the
disease of materialism seems to be changing that. Many prophets have
long predicted this time we
live in - the rise and demise of materialism. 

One reason for the fragmentation in Western society is because we have
been conditioned to
predominantly use only one half of our brains. This is the left
hemisphere: linear, materialistic, logical,
systematic, and masculine. The other, complementary hemisphere is our
intuitive, spontaneous,
spiritual, and feminine side; responsible for art and other creative

Eastern cultures were once not so unbalanced, hence not as fragmented in
their conceptions of
reality. We have much to learn from the Eastern World, but instead we
try to dominate and
recondition it. This is a trait of our excessive masculinity. 

I consider myself a sceptic of society because, since birth, my
intuition has told me many things that
contradicted Western orthodox belief and doctrine. For example, I have
always known that the
physical body is but a vehicle for the real us to experience this world.
I have always known this was
not my first life, that I have had many before - even on other planets.
A strong intuition was that I
am here, this time, to help raise awareness regarding aspects of life
that we have been conditioned
to ignore. 

Up to my late teens I felt very alone in this knowledge, until meeting
others of like mind. That was a
great relief, and very encouraging. Although, one is always persecuted
for being 'different' or 'weird'.
You just have to learn to live with it, and be true to yourself. 

Another label commonly used by Western society is 'mysteries'. I suppose
this could apply to all
phenomena science terms paranormal. With all my intuitions I was puzzled
about this mystery
business. As a boy I couldn't understand why people failed to explain
the so-called 'Unexplained'.
Now I know it is because we are basing our perceptions on two different
paradigms of reality. 

Part of my mission, I felt, was to help expose this myth of the
Unexplained and the conspiracy
behind it. You may have read theories of a secret 'global elite'
conspiring to control your mind.
Personally, I see substance to a lot of these claims. You only have to
look around and see how
society is run. Related to this, as a child my intuition would keep
telling me people were 'robots'.
Only recently did my conscious mind understand what it meant. I
recommend you read David Icke's
excellent book, The Robots' Rebellion, for an outline of conspiracy
theory concerning science,
religion, and politics. 

So what is intuition? Basically, 'inner knowledge' (difficult to
understand unless one has experienced
it). Where does it come from? The soul. What is the soul? The real,
timeless you. You are not the
brain, or just the body, as material science would have us believe. My
intuition says the brain is but
an interface: the left half, between the mind and body. The right half,
between the body and the soul.

Your true power lies within the soul, so it makes sense for the
manipulators of society to suppress
your right cerebral hemisphere. Therefore inhibiting the connection with
your spiritual nature, with
the real you. Thus making you feel powerless and at their mercy. 

If one investigates the world's religions, you will find they are
basically the same but with different
labels. Like almost everything else, religion has been distorted in
order to manipulate the masses and
make them feel powerless. Probably all ancient cultures took
reincarnation for granted, including the
pagan West before it was dominated by Pauline Christianity. Even the
forefathers of the Christian
Church shared this belief. 

One last thought for you to consider. Is the basis of reality subjective
or objective? Is reality not the
externalisation of one's subjective state? So maybe this world is an
'illusion', as the mystics believe,
created by humanity? Doesn't thought give birth to action? 


There are probably more channels active today than at any other time in
this planet's history. Many
had the ability to converse with other worlds during prehistoric times,
but few devoted themselves to
the constant channelling of material as is happening now. 

For the past couple of years I have surveyed a great deal of channelled
information. At first I had no
yardstick with which to rate the quality of the material. Now having
gained an insight into the broad
spectrum of channelling, there is a selection of channels whom I
consider some of the best to have
met my attention. Today, whenever reading material I do tend to compare
its quality with the
standard produced by these few individuals; and I am afraid to say that
not many others have
impressed me. In particular, those who claim to channel "Ascended

In my research of channelling I noticed with some sadness that there
seemed to be little consistency
(if at all) in material that covered common subjects. I have lost count
of the number of biographical
and alleged autobiographical accounts concerning the being we call
Jesus; of the many versions of
this planet's prehistory; of the contradictory information purportedly
channelled from the same
beings; plus much more. 

Although there is no such thing as a perfect channel, in my opinion,
three of the greatest to appear
this century are: Darryl Anka, Lyssa Royal, and Robert Shapiro. If you
are not familiar with their
material, I highly recommend it. They have brought through a great deal
of first-class information on
almost every subject one could imagine. Their accounts of our galactic
history are astounding, and in
my view, extremely accurate. 

There are two reasons, I believe, as to why there is little consistency
and much contradiction in
channelling. The first is to do with the "false prophets" as foreseen by
Yeshua-Jesus (the word
prophet actually means medium). The second, a lack of competence in some

The negative forces which govern this planet have been spreading
disinformation for some time,
particularly within the channelling movement. Some researchers have
called their campaign Project
Aquarius - whose ultimate aim is to totally discredit the New Age
movement. I feel their tactics are
numerous: dubious channels and channelled entities, to say the least. 

What follows is an outline of several individuals and entities in
particular, whom I believe are quite
typical of the disinformation which seeks to cloud our vision at this


Bo and Peep, formerly known as Bonnie Nettles and Marshall
Applewhite. In 1975 this Californian couple founded a movement called
Human Individual Metamorphosis (HIM for short), which greatly
appealed to followers of New Age philosophies. 

HIM was an early version of the present-day Ascension movement. Bo
and Peep, also known as The Two, preached that death could be
overcome through physical ascension into another realm beyond the
confines of planet Earth. One of their publicity posters read: 

"UFOs - Why they are here. Who they have come for. When they will land.
Two individuals say
they were sent from the level above human and will return to that level
in a spaceship (UFO) within
the next three months. This man and woman will discuss how the
transition from the human level to
the next level is accomplished, and when this may be done. If you have
ever entertained the idea
that there might be a real physical level in space beyond the Earth's
confines, you will want to attend
this meeting." 

Members of this group were expected to give up their names, belongings,
radios, televisions, books,
and become celibate. They lived in communes and were forced to lead a
detached lifestyle, in
constant anticipation of their imminent physical ascension. 

Gradually, members began to get disillusioned because no-one was
ascending and the prophecies
made by Bo and Beep would pass without incident. Many followers were
ripped off financially, and
it was later learned that Bo and Peep had befriended one another in a
psychiatric hospital; where
she was a nurse and he was a patient. They also had criminal records,
having been arrested on
charges of car theft and credit card fraud. 

Eventually this cult disbanded and members painfully reconditioned
themselves to their previous
lifestyles. However, I wouldn't be surprised if some went on to form
splinter groups - as is so often
the case. 


Allen-Michael Noonan, another Californian, formed a group called the One
World Family, after
claiming to have experienced contact with an extraterrestrial.
Apparently, he was working on a
billboard before suddenly finding himself on another planet. Surrounding
him were angelic creatures,
seated around a luminous throne. A loud voice boomed, "Will you agree to
be the Saviour of the
world?" Noonan said yes, and has sinced remained in contact with an
extraterrestrial called Ashtar,
visited other inhabited planets, and regarded himself to be the Second
Coming. Noonan also
believes that he is the sole channel for genuine communications from
Commander Ashtar. 

Ashtar has assured Noonan that the One World Family will eventually take
over the planet,
including its governments; but not until all Christians have been
"eliminated". As far as I know, the
group is still in existence and Noonan continues to receive
communications from Commander
Ashtar. He has also authored a massive reinterpretation of the Bible,
called The Everlasting Gospel. 


Marian Keech (pseudonym) was the founder of a group in Lake City, Utah,
during the 1950s.
Apparently, she was quite a psychic lady and believed her late father
had resumed contact with her
from beyond the grave. She used to sit regularly and await automatic
writing from him, but
eventually other entities began introducing themselves. These included
beings from other planets, a
group called the Guardians, but primarily a being who called himself
Sananda, from the planet
Clarion. He claimed to have been Jesus in a former lifetime. 

In the beginning Marian was quite reserved about her mediumistic
experiences, although the media
and others from similar groups soon took an interest. In September 1954
the Lake City Herald
newspaper published the following article: 

"Lake City will be destroyed by a flood from Great Lake just before
dawn, December 21st,
according to a suburban housewife. Mrs Marian Keech of 847 West School
Street says the
prophecy is not her own. It is the purport of many messages she has
received by automatic writing,
she says. The messages, according to Mrs Keech, are sent to her by
superior beings from a planet
called Clarion. These beings have been visiting the Earth, she says, in
what we call Flying Saucers.
During their visits, she says, they have observed fault lines in the
Earth's crust that foretoken the
deluge. Mrs Keech reports she was told the flood will spread to form an
inland sea stretching from
the Arctic Circle to the Gulf of Mexico." 

Marian also received communications regarding an evacuation by
extraterrestrial spacecraft, which
would take place prior to the prophesied deluge of Lake City. She was
told to gather her followers
at an appointed time, and they would be lifted off the planet, thus
avoiding a watery death in the
coming flood. 

As the appointed time of evacuation approached, members of the group
gave up their jobs,
possessions, family, and lifestyles; some even adopted a strange diet
prescribed by Marian's

However, the messages from Sananda and company became increasingly
bizarre, and further
predictions were given - all proving inaccurate. The date of the
prophesied flooding came and
passed, with no prior evacuation. The group, now extremely alienated
from the rest of society,
became seriously disillusioned and broke apart. 


Robin McPherson was another psychic lady who founded a group in the late
1960s, in Burnaby,
British Columbia. The group called itself Light Affiliates, and based
its philosophy on channellings
Robin had received from an extra-galactic being called Ox-Ho. 

Ox-Ho had informed Robin that the Day of Judgment was due on 22nd
November 1969. If
humanity had not displayed any desire to change its ways before then,
the planet would suffer a
violent catastrophe. However, "the Space Brothers would remove the
Chosen and return them to
Earth after the planet had once again crystalised, and been spiritually,
as well as physically,
restructured." This restructuring would involve the planet tilting on
its axis and large landmasses
disappearing beneath the oceans. 

The members of Light Affiliates were prompted by Ox-Ho to inform as many
people as possible,
much to their regret. The dates of all prophesied events passed by
without incident, and naturally,
the group became disillusioned and dispersed. 

One belief of Robin and her group was that they would leave the Earth by
ascending into the
Kingdom of the Father. Apparently, Ox-Ho had said there were to be
several mass occurrences of
this, the first to happen on Judgment Day. When his predictions proved
insubstantial, some
members convinced themselves that their ascension was not physical but
'mental'. Some of these
individuals have probably gone on to form splinter groups. 


One day in December 1952, Dr Vinod, a Hindu scholar, visited the
laboratory of Andrija Puharich - a scientist and psychical researcher.
There, Puharich was conducting a series of experiments in telepathy.
While in the laboratory, Dr Vinod became entranced and began to speak
in a deep voice quite unlike his own. The voice identified itself as
'M', one
of the "Nine Principles and Forces", and spoke for ninety minutes about
Einstein's equations and the significance of the number seven with
to the mind and its paranormal powers. Apparently, this was the first
modern-day channelling of the
Council of Nine. 

When out of the trance, Dr Vinod could remember nothing of the
experience. Several days later he
once again became entranced in the presence of Puharich, and the same
voice further expounded
the philosophy of the Nine. During the channelling an ectoplasmic ball
suddenly appeared on the
floor beside Dr Vinod. His audience claimed it somehow emerged from the

Three years later, Puharich was travelling in Mexico when he met an
American doctor called
Charles Laughead. Upon learning that Puharich's companion, Peter Hurkos,
was psychic, the
doctor revealed that he and his wife had recently attended channelling
sessions during which a young
man went into trance and delivered messages from space beings. 

Puharich remained sceptical and thought the doctor to be a little
impressionable; subsequently
forgetting the encounter. Until he later received a letter from Dr
Laughead explaining that the
channelled entities had requested he forward Puharich a message from
them. The channelled
message was from 'M' of the Nine. Puharich was amazed and knew it would
have been impossible
for the American doctor to know of what had transpired with Dr Vinod
three years before, in
another country. 

About fifteen years later, Puharich visited Israel to see Uri Geller. He
came to believe that Geller
was an exceptionally gifted psychic, and subsequently involved him in
many experiments. Something
amazing occurred in 1971 when Puharich put Geller into a hypnotic
trance. Geller described how, at
the age of three, he had fallen asleep in a garden at Tel Aviv and was
awakened by a shining
spacecraft overhead, which knocked him to the ground with a beam of

As Geller recalled this incident, a strange metallic voice began to
speak from above his head. The
voice described itself as one of the 'space beings' who had programmed
Geller at the age of three. It
then claimed the world was about to experience a devastating war which
Geller would avert. 

When out of trance, Geller could remember nothing about the voice.
However, Puharich had
recorded the whole session on tape. He began to play back the recorder,
when Geller inexplicably
snatched the tape - which disappeared in his hand, never to be seen

Puharich and Geller had several more hypnosis sessions, during which the
Nine continued to impart
messages. Also, one day while out in the car they noticed a large
disc-like craft in a nearby field.
They stopped the car and Geller got out, walked to the object and
climbed in. Ten minutes later,
Geller returned with an item belonging to Puharich, which he had
dematerialised days before - a
cartridge from Puharich's pen. Puharich had taken many photographs of
the craft, but later
discovered the camera film to have vanished. 

Through Dr Vinod, Dr Laughead's young male friend, Uri Geller, and
others, the Nine gave many
prophesies which later proved insubstantial. For example, dates for the
end of the world and when
they would land in their starship Spectra. 

Amazingly, many psychic aquaintances of Puharich ended up channelling
the Nine, including Phyllis
Van Schlemmer. Before her was a channel named Bobby Horne, who actually
became disillusioned
and disgusted with the Nine; for he felt them to be "cosmic hoaxers"
leading him up the garden path.

All of the above persons, except Bo and Peep, were probably quite
innocent in the beginning, but
subtly taken over by entities seeking to promote disinformation.
Disinformation works by mixing
truth with untruth. The aim of this is for those exposed to the
information to see its factual content
and thus presume the lot to be accurate and genuine. It so often works,
and eventually the believers
tend to end up disillusioned; some even suffering nervous breakdowns. I
once had a good friend
who was heavily into the ascension philosophy and channelling. He
believed he was being contacted
by the so-called Ascended Masters and the Ashtar Command. After
declaring that he was an
incarnation of Commander Korton, he had a nervous breakdown.
Subsequently, he has become
very disillusioned with New Age beliefs. This all happened about three
years ago, before I started
Star Force magazine. 

Unfortunately, things haven't changed much since the 1950s with regard
to channelling and
ascension groups. In my opinion, the matter has become much worse. Just
because something
sounds convincing, it doesn't mean that it has to be true. The entities
and persons involved in this
grand deception are very clever, otherwise they wouldn't be working for
the negative forces which
govern us. They are assigned to the job because of their excellence,
just as we are assigned to
missions of a diametric nature for the same reason. 

Failed prophesy continues to feature prominently in alleged channellings
from Sananda, Ashtar, and
other beings, particularly the Ascended Masters. I have read so many
messages claiming that "the
first wave of ascension", or "the mass landing", was going to happen on
such and such a date - and
each time there is nothing. None of these claims have been substantiated
thus far. 

The seeds of the Ascension movement were planted in 325 AD, when Pauline
Christianity became
the Roman state religion after being merged with the various pagan
beliefs common in Rome at the
time. The being we call Jesus Christ is actually a hybrid composed of
several different deities. The
tales of the Three Kings, Virgin Birth, Resurrection, and Ascension,
were actually derived from the
story of Mithras, a sun god; even his birthday of 25th December - the
winter solstice. In addition to
much more which would fill an entire magazine. 

The Vatican knows Yeshua Ben-Joseph (real name of Jesus) didn't die on
the Cross, nor Ascend
into heaven. Both Hindus and Muslims know that Yeshua and some followers
travelled to the Far
East and settled in Kashmir, India; where his tomb remains to this day.
Information regarding this
was published in Issue 7 of Ascent to Aquarius (former name of Star
Force magazine) - now sold

Therefore, the being who calls himself Sananda and claims to be the
Catholic version of Yeshua,
must be an imposter (as I said in Issue 7). The ascension movement is
based on many lies. 


Notes about different races of aliens from an alien's perspective. 

There are countless types of extraterrestrials encountered by
individuals all over the world, in all
walks of life. Below are listed four of the most prevalent groups, with
information on their origins
and motives for visiting planet Earth at this time. 

ZETA RETICULI: These beings range from three to seven feet tall,
however, most are around four feet. The taller ones, including those
reported as overseeing abduction experiences, are known as the Elders.
The Zeta Reticuli were originally quite tall, but with time manipulated
themselves to become very short - in adapting to an existence within
caverns deep beneath the surface of their severely polluted homeworld. 

There are many subgroups of Reticuli interacting with Earth at this
not all with the same agenda. All look more or less alike: oversized
cranium, slender build, vestigial nose, mouth and ears, large
black eyes, hairless, with a pale grey, beige, blue, purple, green, or
white complexion. They operate with a hive consciousness, but not every
group has the same philosophical outlook. 

Their planet was once the home of two conflicting societies. One was of
direct descent from Lyra
and followed the Lyran tenet of service-to- all. The other was descended
from Vega and followed
the Vegan tenet of service-to-self. A group belonging to the latter,
involved with Earth, is primarily
interacting with the Secret Government (also called the Illuminati and
Global Elite). They are also
one of the races responsible for the widespread cattle mutilations, as
they are conducting genetic
experiments in an attempt to rescue their dying species. The beige-
skinned Zetas carry a large
percentage of Vegan genetics in their biological systems; for the Vegan
race of humans eventually
became dark-skinned due to the magnitude of their sun - also called
Alpha Lyrae. 

Another group of Reticuli, who follow the Lyran tenet of service-to-all,
is also deeply involved with
Earth. A massive fleet of them came to the planet shortly after the turn
of the century, and is still
here. Like their rogue brethren, they are conducting a genetic research
project with the aim of
revitalising their dying species. However, the benefits are not intended
to be exclusive to them alone
- they are creating a human- Reticulan crossrace incorporating the best
traits from both species.
They value our extreme individuality and offer us the gift of their
extraordinary oneness. It shall be a
magnificent integration of two races from either extremes of the
spectrum. The created hybrid race
later becomes known as the Essassani. 

Most UFO abductees involved in the Essassani Project have strong
personal links with the Zeta
Reticuli, as many have had incarnations on the Zeta planet. When the
hybridisation has been
perfected, certain humans will be given the opportunity to relocate to
the future Essassani
homeworld; primarily to act as caretakers, then later incarnate into the
new race. 

REPTOIDS: There are many races belonging to the reptilian lifestream, a
group far older than that of the human. The reptoids commonly witnessed
by Earthlings, come from the Draco constellation; about eight feet tall,
covered in lizard scales, with ferocious talons. They are quite a
self-involved race, only interested in space exploration for the purpose
conquest. Many wars have been waged between the Draconians and
humanoids in the past; the latter often becoming slave races to the
Reptoids tend to be great warriors, owing to their physical strength,
body armour, and firey temper. 

The Draconians do not maintain diplomatic relations with many planets,
but are in contact with
several other reptilian races. They are also in contact with the Global
Elite, for the prospect of using
this planet as a slave and food colony attracts them here. They have no
respect for humans and
would have invaded long ago if we did not have such outstanding support
from our benign space

NORDIC HUMANS: The ancestors of humanity were Nordic in appearance, and
those of red,
brown and yellow skin evolved these distinctions as a result of
environmental differences
experienced by each respective colony. The black race is indigenous to
Earth, and developed to
Homo sapiens through the periodical insertion of DNA into their
biological systems by other
humanoid races (of Lyran descent). 

Humanity is now an intergalactic species and its seed is spread via the
system of wormhole transit
routes which permeate the cosmos. One major wormhole portal exists in
the constellation of Lyra.
Most humanoids inhabiting our corner of the galaxy are descendants of
the seven-feet-tall Nordics
which came through this portal many millions of years ago. (Earth humans
have become shorter as a
result of a dramatic increase in the planet's level of gravity, since
the end of Atlantis.) 

This group primarily colonised the stars of the Lyra system, and later
the Pleiades. A party from the
Vega colony shortly settled in the Sirius system. These Sirian humans
are usually dark-haired, with
white skins because they left Vega at a time before the Vegans evolved
into a dark- skinned race.
The latter, including an outpost in the Pleiades, were responsible for a
colony in the northern section
of Atlantis. The descendants of this settlement are now known as the
Native Americans. 

The colonies of Vega and Sirius have long since evolved beyond the
philosophy of
self-aggrandisement; however, there are several renegade groups active
which still retain the old
values. Many of these are working with the secret government, and issue
from the past. 

The Zetas' world once occupied the Lyra system. However, the planet's
space-time envelope
became distorted as a result of a nuclear holocaust, causing it to slip
through a wormhole into the
binary system of Zeta Reticuli; part of the Reticulum constellation.
(Reticulum means The Net -
named as such because it "caught" the Zetas' planet?) Their world is now
the third planet around
Reticuli 2. Many colonies have been established on other planets,
primarily in the systems of
Reticulum, Orion, and Sirius. A group of self-serving Reticuli has long
been established on the fourth
planet around Reticuli 2. Another on a planet around Alpha Orionis, also
called Betelgeuse. 


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