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You are all Godless people!

databus gnewman at mail.tyenet.com
Thu Mar 27 18:34:14 EST 1997

Pinky <Floyd at TheWall.net> wrote in article <3339EC9D.5D00 at TheWall.net>...
> Andrew Hoelperl wrote:
> > 
> > all of you who sent me that hate mail is GODLESS PEOPLE and are going
> > burn in HELL!  you are all going to scream and cry out to the LORD to
> > save you but he will not.  it is too late to save your soul!!! you are
> > going to a place forever painful to face eternal damnation, for i have
> > decided to report your evil deeds to GOD HIMSELF!!! have fun in the
> > OF FIRE!
> > 
> > Andy
> Andy, how bout you get an education and quit 
> feeding the greed of the organized relegions. 
> Better yet, just get a fucking clue. Beter even,
> just get a fucking life of your own and leave mine
> the fuck alone. If the day comes as you're talking 
> about, I do not fear my God. Your God gave us the 
> Ten Commandments, I don't see as that I am breaking 
> one. I am sure you have skeletons in your closet also.
> When that day comes, are you sure YOU're not going to
> be groveling in front of YOUR God? OR are you Catholic
> and all your constant sinning is washed away by a few
> "Hail Mary's." What a crock of shit that is! If you don't
> like something, walk away. Why do you self-called christians
> always want to start a fuckin' fight/war? Answer me that
> dipshit! Your opinion is just that, an opinion and like 
> assholes everyone has them. Now kiss my ass mother fucker!
> Pink

Jeez!! I go away on busines for a week and I figured that the Jesus freaks
would have have given up by now! But what do I find?? They must beleive in
self flagelation or something! You remember that scene in one of the Monty
Python movies where all the Monks are walking in single file, chanting some
gibberish, and then in perfect unison, smash their heads with a wooden
plank?? I have come to the conclusion that this practice is started at
birth, and that's why all Jesus freaks are brain-dead!!  As long as you
imbeciles insist on posting where you're not supposed to, and try to feed
people your shit, be prepared to get responses from people like my who have
a brain of their own. And we will get nasty too. Think about this- if Jim
Jones was born 2000 years ago, you assholes would be genuflecting to him as
your Christ. (for those of you not in the know, his brain-dead followers
thought he was the second coming). What about "Whacko" Texas? They thought
Corresh was the second coming!!?? So go have a glass of cool-aid, hang an
Albatross around your neck, and jump off a fucking bridge. And by the way,
Evolution is a FACT, not a theory as one the Jesus boys posted. Forever a
Rationalist- Databus

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