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Fly course at Cold Spring Harbor - deadline next week

David_Stewart stewart at cshl.org
Thu Mar 6 07:25:23 EST 1997

Dear Colleagues,

We wanted to call your attention to this year's "Neurobiology of
Drosophila" course which runs from June 30th to July 20th, 1997 at Cold
Spring Harbor Laboratory.   The application deadline is March 15, 1997.
Course organizers are Mike Dickinson (University of California,
Berkeley), Nipam Patel(University of Chicago)  and Barbara Taylor
(Oregon State University).  An additional 15 instructors will lecture
and conduct experiments in their area of expertise during the three week
course.   Our goal is to provide participants with a comprehensive
understanding  of fly neurobiology and hands-on experience in practical
methods for studying the fly nervous system and behavior.  More detailed
information about the course and how to apply is given below or can be
obtained from the Cold Spring Harbor web site:

Barbara Taylor

June 30 - July  20, 1997


Michael Dickinson, University of California, Berkeley
Nipam Patel, University of Chicago, Chicago
Barbara Taylor, Oregon State University, Corvallis

This laboratory/lecture course is intended for researchers at all levels
who want to use Drosophila as an experimental system for studying
behavior, physiology and development.  Daily seminars introduce students
to a variety of research topics and develop those topics by including
recent experimental contributions and outstanding questions in the
field.  Guest lecturers bring original preparations for viewing and
discussion and/or direct laboratory exercises and experiments in their
area of interest.  The course provides students with hands-on experience
using a variety of experimental  preparations that are used in the
investigation of current neurobiological questions.  The lectures and
laboratories will focus on both the development of the nervous system
and its role in controlling larval and adult behaviors. In addition to
an exposure to the molecular genetic approaches available in Drosophila,
students will learn a variety of techniques including: embryo in situ
hybridization, labelling of identified neurons, electrophysiological
recording from nerves and muscles, and the analysis of larval and adult
behavior. Collectively, the course will provide a comprehensive and
practical introduction to modern experimental methods for studying the
Drosophila nervous system.  The specific topics from last year's course
included: neurogenesis, axon pathfinding, synaptogenesis, membrane
excitability, learning and memory, courtship, and biological rhythms.

Last year's guest lecturers included:  A. Brand, J. Carlson, B.
Ganetsky, V. Hartenstein, F. R. Jackson, M. Kernan, A. Kolodkin C.
Montell, R. Murphey, L. Restifo, S. Robinow, H. Sink, M. Sokolowski, P.
Taghert, C-F. Wu.

Posted by
David J. Stewart, Ph.D., Director, Meetings & Courses
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, New York 11724
Tel 516 367 8801**Fax 516 367 8845**stewart at cshl.org
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