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what has it to do with drosophila?

ROBERT BUTCHER rdjbutcher at biolsci.dundee.ac.uk
Wed Jun 11 13:47:06 EST 1997

OK, drosophila are a good example from millions to study evolutionary (my 
bias) or cellular biology, so i suppose "you are all god fearing people" has a 
place on this network (i misssed its place though).
However drosophila do not have cocks so cant suck them. they dont live long 
enough to be defined as tenagers, and nudity is a strange term for an organism 
that never dresses in the skins of an other animal (or non animal origin) but 
is always haired ("clothed"?).
So i fail to see why this, and other similar responses are on this (or other 
bionets) i mean it isnt  
bionet:sadgits now is it.
The point..when is it time for this newsgroup to be moderated? me im 
priveledged to be in academia so i dont pay for this junk. I read the spams 
from economical morons who expect me to believe money (what is that..any 
ecologists out there just think..it has bno value itself and cannot be 
created) can be made for nothing, sad paranoias who have to have a god to 
alleviate their reality crisises that they are going to die and that they are 
irrelevant (so they become all important and immortal) but i will not tolerate 
such pathetic degrading and sexist drivel. The www, porn shops, etc are the 
place for these sad people to exercise their rights to degrade and humiliate, 
after all every free society must protect the right to abuse children, 
minorities and women, especially if its got a constitution. However, not 
bionet drosophila

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