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Message For The Millenium - Not To Do With religion

Robert Standefer fractal at comland.com
Wed Apr 30 16:19:38 EST 1997

Toby Reid <treid at world.prestel.co.uk> wrote in article
<5k5fda$suc at neptune.theplanet.co.uk>...
: Judgement Day
: Plague + Disease
: Plague. The Black Death, Polio and Smallpox (almost all gone). AIDS is
: newer, deadlier killer, with more and more beds in hospitals being taken
: up
: by AIDS patients, there will eventually be no room left. Nostradamus
: states
: that, "although relief will be found, the remedy is far off" lets just
: hope
: he was partially wrong.

I'd much rather have AIDS then the Black Death (Bubonic Plague), if this
was the Middle Ages.

AIDS is only deadlier because we don't know how to cure it, but the Bubonic
plague killed more people faster.  Same goes for smallpox.

The world should have ended in the European Dark-Middle Ages.  War was a
recurring theme, and revolution was the cause in some instances.  Famine
gripped the lower society.  Disease was prevalent because the Church had a
stranglehold on science; thus, cures were barely researched.  Superstition
prevailed.  Paganism and Christianity battled intellectually; Christianity
and Islam battled physically.  The enjoyment of life was limited to the
upper class (bourgeosie) and people were taxed to death.

Earthquakes I don't know about.  Are there fault lines in Europe? 
Pollution...this is a matter of interpretation.  Is Nostradamus talking
about air pollution?  Water pollution?  Or intellectual pollution, which
the Inquisition tried to uncover?

Besides, if AIDS is such a "deadly killer" (redundant), won't the beds
clear out fast because all of the patients are dying so quickly?

Only because we want it to be.


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