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You are all Godless people!

Herr Doktor Lancelot Kitsch drkitsch at maui.net
Fri Apr 25 15:08:46 EST 1997

Warez 'R' Free wrote:
> On 12 Apr 1997 22:09:35 GMT, "Curious" <bgates at microsoft.com> wrote:
> >> Andrew Hoelperl wrote:
> >>
> >> all of you who sent me that hate mail is GODLESS PEOPLE and are going to
> >> burn in HELL!  you are all going to scream and cry out to the LORD to
> >> save you but he will not.  it is too late to save your soul!!! you are
> >> going to a place forever painful to face eternal damnation, for i have
> >> decided to report your evil deeds to GOD HIMSELF!!! have fun in the LAND
> >> OF FIRE!
> >>
> >> Andy
> >
> >I think that indignation, particularly of the righteous variety, is a state
> >of mind that some people actually enjoy and go out of their way to
> >experience.  I would even go so far as to suggest that it is addictive, and
> >that it's users are under some sort of compulsion to find opportunities for
> >it's expression.  Why else would people come in here and throw fits, when
> >it's perfectly obvious what they are going to find?
> >
> Andy, Buddy....GET A GRIP !!!

Gee andy, had a bad day? Just because you worship a dead guy on a stick
doesn't make you righteous. It just makes you a tad less discerning than
the average  one celled organism. I suppose your god is just a big bad
bully who's going to come and punish anyone who hurts your feelings.
Yeah it wouldbe nice to have a big brother who'd torture your enemies
out of his love for the world, but honestly Andy: "what's wrong with
this picture?" If having a god means having a spoiled abusive child as a
diety then I think I'll remain godless, thank you. Good luck, sweetie.

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