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Graham Thomas gxt5 at PSU.EDU
Mon Apr 14 07:18:18 EST 1997


Available immediately on an NIH funded project, to study the role of the
membrane-associated cytoskeleton in development. Specifically we are
interested in the role of the membrane skeleton in 1)
establishing/maintaining cell polarity in epithelial cells, 2) cell
signaling, 3) cell adhesion, and 4) cell shape changes that lead to
morphogenetic movements in epithelial cell sheets. Background information
can be found in Thomas & Kiehart (1994) [Development 120;2039-50]. Since
this early publication we have completed the sequence of this large
protein, and obtained mutants in the gene encoding it which show a number
of developmental defects in tissues of epithelial origin. Members of my lab
will be attending this years fly meeting where we will be happy to discuss
the work with anyone who is interested [3 posters attended by Thomas,
Zarnescu and Das]. We also have a side interest in the evolution of the
membrane skeleton in collaboration with Penn State's outstanding molecular
evolution groups see [Muse et al (1997) Journal of Molecular Evolution 44;
this month].

Penn State has a vibrant and varied scientific environment enhanced by 5-6
years of vigorous hiring that is on-going in both the Biology Department
and in the neighbouring Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Deparment.
Research interests range from enzyme structure function through gene
regulation and development to ecology and evolution. This is fly heaven
with 9 (count 'em!) Drosophila labs working on problems in transcription,
development, neurobiology, immunity and molecular evolution. The University
Park campus is situated in the pleasant community of State College that is
within easy striking distance of New York, Philadelphia,
Baltimore/Washington D.C, and Pittsburgh.

If you wish to discuss the postdoctoral opportunity at the Drosophila
meeting please leave me a note on the message board and I will be more than
happy to meet with you. You may also contact me informally by any method
you prefer at the numbers/addresses listed in the signature below. Formal
applications should be accompanied by curriculum vitae, letter describing
your background and training and three letters of reference, and should be
sent to my attention.

Penn State is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. Women and
minorities are encouraged to apply.


     We have a new graduate program in Cell and Developmental
     Biology. Please PASS ON THIS URL to any aspiring graduate students:

     Graham Thomas,
     Departments of Biology and Biochemisty/Molecular Biology,
     The Pennsylvania State University,
     208 Mueller Laboratory,
     University Park, PA, 16802

     Email     GXT5 at PSU.EDU
     Telephone (814)-863-0716
     Fax       (814)-865-9131
     WWW       http://www.bmb.psu.edu/thomas

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