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vote NO against NEO NAZI`S

Melissa Rhiannon Brookstone Melissa at asupernet.com
Wed Apr 2 22:33:44 EST 1997

In article <334079A8.5336 at elmail.cc.purdue.edu>,
   Robert Murphy <rmurphy at elmail.cc.purdue.edu> wrote:
>ezra wrote:
>> <mskramer at pluto.mscc.huji.ac.il> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I received the following email which is self explanatory:
>> Jane
>> We have understood that a few Neo-Nazi groups are trying to create
>> (again) a usenet group where they want to keep in contact with each
>> other regarding their activities. I believe it is not necessary to
>> dwell
>> further on these activities.
>> The group is rec.music.white-power
>> To create such a group, they have to win a referendum that is
>> always organised when a new usenet group is created.
>> All persons with an email address, and only those, can vote in this
>> referendum.
>> It is IMPORTANT to vote only once, otherwise the vote is cancelled.
>> To prevent the creation of this group, you have to:
>> 1. Send this message to people you know
>> 2. Send an email to the following address:
>>        music-vote at sub-rosa.com
>>    with as contents (not 'subject') ONLY the following line:
>>        I vote NO on rec.music.white-power
>> Since the vote is automatic, it is IMPORTANT to send the exact line
>> as it is given above, without adding anything, not even a name.
>> -----------------End of Original Message-----------------
>> --------------------------------
>> E-mail: saliho at bankisrael.gov.il
>> Date: 30-03-97   Time: 11:36:38
>> --------------------------------
>Hello people, this is a free country the last time I checked.
>Although I do not believe in white supremism or consider myself biased 
against any
>particular race, color or gender I do feel this women is trying to 
influence people
>to take these peoples rights away.  The rights she is trying to convince 
people of
>taking away are those that most people here on the internet hold dear and 
true, the
>first amendment right of free speach, which includes the right to 
peacefully assemble
>(which is what newsgroups do let people do).  I know these people may be 
hate machines,
>anti-semitic or a group a lot of people don't like, but for those of you 
who are
>Americans and are considering following her advice, think long and hard 
about what I've
>just written before you decide to do what you do.
>Rob Murphy

Not to mention that there is already a white supremacist group on the net. 
I think it's alt.politics.white-power or some such. And I agree with you, 
that if we're to live in a free country, everyone has to be free to speak 
whatever they please, as long as they're not acting illegally to follow it 

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