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[bio.dros] fly plague (only in bottles)?

Gerald Wyckoff gwyckoff at midway.uchicago.edu
Wed Dec 4 11:33:48 EST 1996

In article <9612030140.AA09306 at hakusrv.toyo.ac.jp>,
Kageyuki YAMAOKA <dros at HAKUSRV.TOYO.AC.JP> wrote:
>In message <jonesc-0212961147170001 at news.cshl.org>
>   "[bio.dros] fly plague (only in bottles)?"
>   "jonesc at cshl.org (Chris Jones)" wrote:
>jonesc> Another plea for advice flung into the ether:
>jonesc> We're seeing a new problem with our lab stocks:
>jonesc> In some bottles a high proportion of flies will fail to eclose, with many
>jonesc> pupae (and sometimes wandering third instars) dying and turning black.
>jonesc> This phenomenon is not consistent, and a given stock will be affected for
>jonesc> 1 or 2 generations, then appear to be fine for 1 or 2 more. It will also
>jonesc> appear first in a few bottles then in the entire tub in a subsequent
>jonesc> generation. Mites are not the problem, nor is there any obvious mold or
>jonesc> fungus. We suspect some infectious agent; Nosema has been mentioned as a
>jonesc> problem on this group recently, but the original poster didn't mention the
>jonesc> pupae blackening, and our adults don't appear to suffer the same early
>jonesc> mortality he described.
>jonesc> This "plague" doesn't happen, at least at a significant level, in vial
>jonesc> stocks, only in lines we've expanded into bottles.
>jonesc> Has anyone out there seen this "black pupae" phenomenon, and if so, how
>jonesc> did you deal with it? I'll be happy to summarize any responses not posted
>jonesc> to the group.
>jonesc> -- 
>jonesc> Chris Jones (jonesc at cshl.org)
>If you will have some info's, can I share them with you? Because some times
>I have almost same problems on my stock.
>Thank youin advance.
>****** Kageyuki YAMAOKA   e-mail: dros at hakusrv.toyo.ac.jp *****

Can I ask if the stocks you see infected all come form the same region,
stock center, or laboratory, or are they a diverse collection of stocks.
Perhaps this infection is some stock specific mortality?

			Jerry Wyckoff
			gwyckoff at midway.uchicago.edu

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