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Drosophila stocks and DNA clones

Kathy Matthews matthewk at FLY.BIO.INDIANA.EDU
Fri Mar 10 09:21:37 EST 1995

I am posting this message for Burke Judd.  --  KM

To:  Friends of Flys
From:  Burke Judd
Subject:  Drosophila stocks and DNA clones.

Some of the following are unique combinations of mutants that will be 
discarded when I leave the NIEHS, March 31, 1995.  If you can use any 
of them please let me know.  Phone (919)541-4690;  FAX (919) 541-7593;  
e-mail judd_b at niehs.nih.gov.

z[v77h]     w[+] is from Oregon-R
z[v77h] w[67c23]
sc z[1] w[zm]
z[v77h] w[zm]
y z[a] w[zm]
y w[zl]
z[1] w[zl]
y z[a] w[zl]
z[77h] w[zl]
sc z[1] w[zvl]

In(1)w[m4], y
In(1)w[m4], y sn[3]
In(1)w[m4], spl sn[3]
In(1)w[m4], y z[1]
In(1)w[m4], z[v77h] sn[3]
In(1)w[m4h], z[v77h]
In(1)rst[3], y z[1]
In(1)rst[3], z[v77h]

Df(1)rst[2], y
Df(1)rst[2], z[1]

Df(1)Su(z)J93, y z[1] / FM7   The distal breakpoint of this deficiency is 
35 to 60 kb proximal to the w locus and extends through rst and vt but does
not include N.  Deficiency acts as a dominant suppressor of z[1] apparently 
by acting on the w locus in cis.  It  also exhibits rst, vt, reduced viablity 
and female sterility.  From deletion mapping against various rst and vt 
deficiencies, the suppressor of z[1] element is proximal to rst-vt.  Deficiency occurs at very low  frequency as an ectopic exchange product from females 
heterozygous for y[2] w[sp-2] and z[1] w[zm] or z[1] w[zl].  Several strains 
were recovered from both types of heterozygotes.  Original recombinant 
chromosomes contained the w[zm] or w[zl] alleles.  These have been replaced 
by crossingover with w[+] from Oregon-R or with w[65a25].  All versions of 
these derivatives and the parental chromosomes are available.  CaSpeR plasmid 
clones of part of the region from +100 to +163 (white locus map).
transformed line carrying approx. 17.5kb extending from +122.5 to + 142 
is available.  Johng Lim, who did the transformation,  also has a copy of 
this line.

z[J91]       This allele occurred spontaneously in z[1] w[65a25] spl sn[3].  
It causes lemon-yellow eye-color in z[J91] w[+] males and z[J91] w[+]/z[+] w[+] females.  It acts only in cis, however, thus most likely is acting on the 
w locus.

z-w lethals:  One allele of each of 13 lethals located in the region between 
the z and w loci will be deposited in the Mid-America Stock Center at Bowling 
Green.  As many as three alleles for each locus will be kept here until the 
end of March.

The deficiencies generated by ectopic recombination in the region flanking 
the w locus that are described in  Montgomery et al., (1991) Genetics 129: 
1085-1098,  will be available until the end of March.

echinus locus:  We have cloned and sequenced genomic and cDNA that we believe 
to be the ec locus.  However, a transformed line carrying the genomic sequences fails to rescue ec mutations, thus we have not yet published this.  Fly strains and clones are available to anyone who is interested in a collaboration to 
complete this analysis.  Contact Bibba Goode, Laboratory of Reproductive 
Toxicology, NIEHS, P.O. Box 12233, RTP, NC 27709

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