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Musca codon frequencies

Rajiv K Sheel rajsheel at athena.mit.edu
Tue Mar 7 11:07:05 EST 1995

Here's the summary that I promised (My thanks to Ma and Alberto for their quick
responses- < 14 hrs!)
	A friend of mine in my old lab is trying to find housefly codon
frequencies. She needs the information for sequence comparisons with Drosophila.
So what she is looking for is, for example, what is the most common codon for
methionine in the housefly. Anybody know a good reference? It seems like the kind
of thing that must be out there somewhere. Unfortunately, no one in our lab can
think of where. Thanks. I'll post a summary of the responses because I think that
other people may be interested in this.

Raj Sheel
rajsheel at mit.edu

The frequency of the ATG codon for methionine in Musca domestica will be 1.000000....
There is only ONE met codon for eukaryote nuclear encoded genes - to say the

I cannot recall the reference for this out of hand, look at some
early code decryption papers.

	I posed myself the same question some time ago and I started to search
the data bank for housefly's genes. I was able to find only 3 of them, namely
armadillo, bicoid and hunchback, and I had the sequence of a fourth one,
period. Too little data to make a table of codon frequencies. I don't know how
is the situation of the data bank now but still I think there are not so many
housefly genes in so that any codon bias table must not be very reliable.
Hope this won't discourage your friend.
All the best.

Alberto Piccin
Genetics department
University of Leicester, UK

 ap12 at le.ac.uk 

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