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Journal of Quantitative Trait Loci

Tue Feb 21 19:05:45 EST 1995


The Journal of Quantitative Trait Loci (JQTL), sponsored by the Crop
Science Society of America (CSSA), will provide a peer-reviewed, fully
electronic forum in which articles dealing with the theory and practice
of QTL analysis will be published.  The publication format will
facilitate links to related publications and databases, and will permit
the inclusion of more complete analyses than is generally feasible in
bound media.  Improved publication speed, easy and inexpensive access,
and flexibility should make JQTL a preferred journal for the
publication of papers dealing with the analysis of the inheritance of
quantitative traits.

1. JQTL will publish articles relevant to the analysis, manipulation,
   and use of genes modifying quantitative characters in any species.  
   We are defining quantitative characters as those for which the
   phenotypic variation among genotypes is continuous and cannot be
   separated into discrete classes.  This definition of QTL makes no
   assumptions regarding the number of genes controlling such characters, 
   nor the magnitude of genetic effects.  When appropriate, authors will 
   be encouraged to include datasets upon which their analyses depend.

2. JQTL will serve as a medium for announcing, describing, and storing
   new software developed for QTL analysis.

3. JQTL will publish secondary analyses of primary datasets when such 
   analyses prove novel and illuminating.

4. JQTL will publish worthy editorial commentaries and review articles as
   space and interest warrant.

Papers will be submitted either electronically or on diskette. They
will consist of ASCII text, with .gif files holding images.  Papers
will be written in general accordance with style standards of CROP
SCIENCE (Publications Handbook and Style Manual, 1988, American Society
of Agronomy, Madison, WI).  Papers will be submitted to the Editor, who
will then request review by two Technical Editors.

All articles should contain a) title, b) affiliation, phone number,
and e-mail addresses of all authors, c) abstract briefly summarizing 
the work, d) introduction, methods, results and discussion sections 
in accordance with ASA guidelines, and e) literature cited. 

For all articles containing datasets authors must supply a data
dictionary (description of data fields) and a description of how the
data was gathered.

Software submission:  All software described in a JQTL article should
be, if at all possible, available for JQTL readers.  Ideally, an
anonymous ftp site would already exist from which software could be
downloaded.  If this is not the case, and the software was developed by
the authors, then the software should be uploaded to
hordeum.oscs.montana.edu.  All executable software should be
accompanied by source code, if available, as well as a user manual.
Acceptable formats are

Unix: a compressed tar file (compressed with either the compress program 
   or by gzip)
DOS/Windows: a zip file
MacIntosh: a StuffIt archive (.sit) file

To be considered for publication, neither data nor analyses should have
been published previously in any peer-reviewed journal, book, or
bulletin.  While updates (i.e., second year datasets or datasets
gathered in new environments using lines already characterized) may be
considered for publication, they will generally be accepted as
appendices to prior articles.  New analyses of previously published
datasets will be accepted if they provide novel insights into the

Each submitted article will be reviewed by two scientists familiar with
the area of research.  They will be asked to review the manuscript for
compliance with the above criteria, to judge suitability of the article
for inclusion in JQTL, and to write brief critiques of the manuscript
to be returned to the author.  The editors will attempt to evaluate the
performance of submitted software.

Articles may consist of text, tables, and data sets (all in ASCII
format) and figures (in .gif format).  Other acceptable formats may be
announced in the future.  There are no size limitations.

Prior to submission, authors should e-mail the Editor (current address:
blake at hordeum.oscs.montana.edu) to request a submission number.  Files
should then be renamed to include the submission number (e.g.,
text##.asc, fig1##.gif, fig2##.gif, tabl##.asc, data##.asc, etc.).
This will avoid the problem of one submission over-writing another.

Submit files via ftp to hordeum.oscs.montana.edu
Login as jqtlsubm 
Password: your e-mail address.
The Editor will scan each submitted article for gross compliance with
standards, then will send all appropriate articles to two Technical
Editors.  They will review the paper, suggest modifications if
necessary, and return the files to the Editor, who will in turn send
them to the author as files appended to a letter describing the
Technical Editors' recommendations.  For manuscripts dealing with
re-analysis of previously published data, the Editor will invite the
corresponding author of the original publication to submit a review.
This will provide the original authors an avenue for direct feedback
prior to publication of the new analyses.

After receiving the Technical Editors' recommendations, the author may
revise (if necessary) and resubmit the paper with "r" appended to each
file name (e.g., text##r.asc, fig1##r.gif, tabl##r.asc).  Each accepted
manuscript will then be sent to CSSA headquarters for HTML formatting,
and thence to the U.S. National Agricultural Library for immediate
publication.  JQTL will be continuously updated with new articles.

Beginning April 1, 1995, JQTL will be available for public on-line
access from the National Agricultural Library via World Wide Web at


under the heading Newsletters, Journals, and Other Publications.  

No charge will be levied for publication or for journal access during
1995, although nominal fees may be assessed at a later date.  JQTL will
be indexed in the AGRICOLA bibliographic database and by other
biological indexing services.

By the end of the first year of publication we hope to have the
capacity to make annual CDs of the journal available for a nominal

JQTL Editor:  Thomas Blake, Montana State University

JQTL Technical Editors:
Jim Anderson, North Dakota State University
Doug Bigwood, USDA, National Agricultural Library
Cynthia Bottema, Waite Institute (Australia)
Pat Byrne, USDA, Agricultural Research Service
Rebecca Doerge, Cornell University
Jon Geadelmann, Holden's Foundation Seeds, Inc.
Dave Matthews, Cornell University
Phil McClean, North Dakota State University
Laura Oberthur, Montana State University
Andrew Paterson, Texas A&M University
Mark Sorrells, Cornell University

CSSA Editor-in-chief:  P. Stephen Baenziger, University of Nebraska

CSSA Board of Directors:  R.C. Shearman, President
        		  A.B. Maunder, President-Elect
        		  V.B. Cardwell, Past President
        		  R.F. Barnes, Executive Vice President

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