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Response to advertising (no biology content)

reinitz at kruppel.molbio.mssm.edu reinitz at kruppel.molbio.mssm.edu
Wed May 25 10:03:54 EST 1994

In article <1994May25.124422.2038 at midway.uchicago.edu>,
Eric Cabot <ecec at midway.uchicago.edu> wrote:
>In article <2ru1d0$ont at hsdndev.harvard.edu> favis at RASCAL.MED.HARVARD.EDU writes:
>>Greetings Netters,
>>	I would like to encourage everyone to send their favorite Drosophila
>>sequence to the individual responsible for posting the thigh cream ad. The 
>>longer the sequence, the better. His address is:  keogh at anshar.shadow.net
>>			Reyna Favis
>I think that everybody should follow their own conscience on this one.
>While I personally fired off a *most* obscene message to the offending
>advertiser, I'd hesitate to publically encourage a mass mailbombing 
>campaign which could potentially exacerbate the wasted bandwitdth aspect
>of this unfortunate incident.
>Eric Cabot

Look you guys, you're both a day late and a dollar short.

The person had a script that posted to every USENET group.
It got about halfway through before it was noticed and stopped.
An imitator of Canter & Siegal (Green Card Lawyers, who just lost
their netcom account).

The guy's account was nuked early *yesterday* by his sysadmin.
Now, *yesterday* I fingered the account and got a .plan that said
something like "This account has been nuked. Sorry for any trouble
this jerk has caused -- mgt". The login shell was listed as 
"/usr/local/bin/asshole" (that is an *exact* quote).

Now, today, after reading your two posts, I tried again, and
got this:

finger keogh at anshar.shadow.net
connect: Connection timed out
kruppel {59} ping keogh at anshar.shadow.net
ping: unknown host keogh at anshar.shadow.net
kruppel {60} ping anshar.shadow.net
PING anshar.shadow.net: 64 byte packets

----anshar.shadow.net PING Statistics----
4 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100% packet loss

i.e. anshar.shadow.net is down. Probably because its disks
crashed because of mailbombs.

What is the moral of this? We all must fight against spamming, which
is what occurred here. You are both right to be offended and annoyed..
I was too. The way that these advertisements in inappropriate groups
will be stopped is sysadmins yanking abusers accounts. On the other
hand, mailbombs (yes, I was seriously *tempted* to send the thigh
cream individual a uuencoded version of /hp-ux) attack the *access*
*provider*, who is our real ally against this sort of abuse.

So: when you get spam in your newsgroup from jerk at node.domain, write
to postmaster at node.domain instead, and complain!

[if the offender *owns* the node, *then* maybe think of mailbombs :-)]
[or better yet, an old morgue]

This is a pretty long note not to be related to flies. On the other
hand, those of you reading the group as a mailing list should know
it is also part of USENET, and one needs to know a little about USENET
to deal with USENET problems... like spams.

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