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RAPDs with Drosophila

Mark D. Garfinkel garfinkl at iitmax.iit.edu
Sat May 14 09:38:52 EST 1994

rwoodru at ANDY.BGSU.EDU (Ron Woodruff) writes:
>We are about to begin an experiment with Drosophila using the RAPD (random
>amplified polymorphic DNA) technique. Does anyone have experience with this
>technique using Drosophila? Do you know any references? Does one have to
>worry about yeast DNA?

	Keeping adult flies in a vial or bottle with no food & a dampened
kimwipe for 24 hours is an effective (I think) method for getting them to
empty their guts.

	As for RAPD in particular, no, I don't know of any studies in
Drosophila. There are several USDA grantees who are using RAPD in other
insects, including Ceratitis, and their experiences may be instructive.
Perhaps in bionet.molbio.rapd you'll find more information?

	I have little doubt that (CA)n-containing interspersed micro-
satellite repeats of the type found in mammalian DNA are also present in
the Drosophila genome. That they may be useful as polymorphic markers is
supported by Kafatos' use of (CA)n-repeats to make a X-chromosome linkage
map for the malaria vector Anopheles gambiae (1993, Science 261: 605-608).

Mark D. Garfinkel (e-mail: garfinkl at iitmax.acc.iit.edu)
My views are my own, which is why they're copyright (c) 1994

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