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FlyBase Project Members flybase at MORGAN.HARVARD.EDU
Sun Mar 6 12:13:41 EST 1994

Dear Dr. Madabusi,

     Attached is a short summary of FlyBase services.  Feel free to email
any questions to flybase at morgan.harvard.edu.  Thank you for your interest.

					Wayne Rindone
					for flybase at morgan.harvard.edu

                              About FlyBase

                             20 January 1994

FlyBase is a database of genetic and molecular data for Drosophila.  It
contains all the information in the 'Redbook' (D. L. Lindsley and G. G.
Zimm, The genome of Drosophila melanogaster, Academic Press, 1992) merged
with more recently published information.

You can access FlyBase data by using the Internet Gopher or anonymous
ftp to the IUBio server ftp.bio.indiana.edu at Indiana University. 
To use anonymous ftp, type:

ftp ftp.bio.indiana.edu 

and type the user name anonymous when it asks for your login name.  All
of the FlyBase files are in a directory called flybase, and gopher
clients for a variety of computers are in a directory called util/gopher.

If you do not have Internet access we suggest you talk to your local computer
experts.  FlyBase will periodically publish extracts of its data as special
issues of the Drosophila Information Service (DIS).

FlyBase includes the following things:

A complete merge of the corrected GENES information from Lindsley and
     Zimm with the Ashburner files.   It includes over 1500 new genes not
     described in Lindsley and Zimm.
An updated list of chromosome aberrations. 
A unified bibliography on Drosophila with over 58,000 records.
Stock lists of the Bloomington, Bowling Green, Umea, and Species stock
     centers and from some individual labs.
A genetic map of Drosophila.
A list of Drosophila genes sorted by function.
Lists of clones, including the European cosmids and US P1 bacteriophage,
     sorted by cytological location.
A unified directory of Drosophila workers, with their mail and email
     addresses, phone and fax numbers.
Associated databases, e.g., Amero's cytological features database,
     Baechli's list of species names in the family Drosophilidae,
     and P element lists from the Berkeley Genome Center, among others.
News about FlyBase and an archive of the bionet.drosophila news group.

To use FlyBase effectively, you should read the FlyBase User Manual
(flybase/docs/User-manual.text).  For further information, read our
Reference Manual (flybase/docs/Reference-manual.text for plain text or
flybase/docs/Reference-manual.ps for Postscript printers).

You can contact FlyBase by email to:

flybase at morgan.harvard.edu

or by regular mail to:

FlyBase, Biological Laboratories, Harvard University, 16 Divinity Ave.,
Cambridge MA 02138 USA.

FlyBase welcomes comments and suggestions from the community.  

FlyBase is supported by grants from the U.S. National Institutes of Health
(Washington) and Medical Research Council (London).  The project is carried out
by a consortium of Drosophila researchers and computer scientists at Harvard
University, University of Cambridge (UK), Indiana University, and UCLA.  A
complete list of consortium members is available in the file

FlyBase is an electronic publication that is copyrighted 1993 by the Genetics
Society of America.  Copying in whole or part for commercial uses requires
written consent.  Copying for non-commercial, scientific uses is permitted.
Other copyrights pertain to portions of FlyBase from other sources; see

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