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PCR alternative to plasmid rescue?

Bill Engels wrengels at facstaff.wisc.edu
Thu Feb 24 15:12:35 EST 1994

>apparently some workers have 
>utilized a PCR technique, involving digestion of genomic DNA, circularization 
>of the resulting fragments, and amplification using cassette-specific primers, 
>which point away from each other, to amplify genomic DNA flanking the 
>P-element cassette.

The technique you refer to is called inverse PCR. Here are a couple of

Ochman, H., A. S. Gerber and D. L. Hartl, 1988  Genetic applications of
         an inverse polymerase chain reaction. Genetics 120: 621-623.

Gloor, G. B. and W. R. Engels, 1992  Single fly DNA preps for PCR. 
         Dros. Inform. Ser. 71: 148-149.

> Specifically, I need pCaSpeR sequence information

We have pieced together a CaSpeR sequence, and I will send it by e-mail to
you or anyone else who is interested.

By the way, what is a ÒP-element cassetteÓ? Is that the same as a P

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