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Major FlyBase Release

FlyBase Project Members flybase at morgan.harvard.edu
Tue Sep 7 22:35:02 EST 1993

FlyBase announces a major new release of the Drosophila database.

Release 9309 sees three very major changes to FlyBase. The first is
the merger of the GENES section of Lindsley and Zimm (1992) with
Ashburner's September 1992 files and the subsequent revision of the
merged data. The file flybase/genes/genes93.doc describes the
changes made, the text is in flybase/genes/genes93.txt. This file
not only corrects the errors found in Lindsley and Zimm but
contains considerable new material, including information on 1835
new loci.  The total number of genetic loci in genes93 is 5684.

The second major change is the release of flybase/refs, a unified
bibliography of publications concerning Drosophila. Available in
three different formats, flybase/refs contains 58,552 records,
including all of those from the published bibliographies of
Herskowitz, from MEDLINE and from BIOSIS (by permission).

The third major change is a unified directory of Drosophila
workers, with over 4500 entries.

New files describing P1 clones of both D. melanogaster and D.
virilis are now available on FlyBase.

Many other FlyBase files have been updated for this release, and
several FlyBase 'working papers' suggesting controlled vocabularies
for the description of Drosophila genes are published.

Many of the files of FlyBase are available for interactive
searching using Gopher.

The documentation has been thoroughly revised and is now broken into two
manuals, called the FlyBase User Manual and the FlyBase Reference Manual.
The Reference Manual is available, as flybase/docs/Reference-manual.text
or flybase/docs/Reference-manual.ps in text and Postscript format.  The
User Manual is available as flybase/docs/User-manual.text (or
flybase/docs/User-manual.doc) in text format.

FlyBase information can be accessed through use of the Internet Gopher or
by anonymous ftp to ftp.bio.indiana.edu.

                         FlyBase file structure

There now follows a description of the top-level directory structure of
the FlyBase files as kept on the IUBio server.

     A very brief introduction to FlyBase.
     A merge of the GENES sections of Lindsley and Zimm (1992) with
     Ashburner's original files and with subsequent updates.
     Chromosome aberrations sorted by class and cytological
     A genetic map of D. melanogaster and the Deficiency maps from
     Lindsley and Zimm (1992).
     Drosophila genes sorted by their 'functions'.
     Lists of Drosophila clones sorted by cytological location.
     Stocks lists for D. melanogaster and Drosophila species.
     A 'complete' bibliography of publications on Drosophila.
     Files of Drosophila genes with nucleic acid and protein data
     base accession numbers.
     An address, telephone, fax and email directory of Drosophila
     News about FlyBase, an archive of DIN and of the
     bionet.drosophila bulletin board.
     FlyBase documentation files and other documents. Includes the
     complete text of Lindsley and Zimm (1992), a file of errors in
     this book and a file of errors in Ashburner's Greybook.
     Drosophila databases distributed but not maintained by FlyBase,
     includes the P1 clone lists and European cosmid lists sorted by
     in situ sites.
     Copies of working documents of the FlyBase Consortium.

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