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DIN Vol. 12

Kathy Matthews matthewk at fly.bio.indiana.edu
Sun Oct 3 19:07:14 EST 1993

                     Volume 12, October 1993 
     The Drosophila Information Newsletter has been established 
with the hope of providing a timely forum for informal 
communication among Drosophila workers. The Newsletter will be 
published quarterly and distributed electronically, free of 
charge. We will try to strike a balance between maximizing the 
useful information included and keeping the format short; 
priority will be given to genetic and technical information. 
Brevity is essential. If a more lengthy communication is felt to 
be of value, the material should be summarized and an address 
made available for interested individuals to request more 
information. Submitted material will be edited for brevity and 
arranged into each issue. Research reports, lengthy items that 
cannot be effectively summarized, and material that requires 
illustration for clarity should be sent directly to Jim Thompson 
(THOMPSON at AARDVARK.UCS.UOKNOR.EDU) for publication in DIS. 
Materials appearing in the Newsletter will be reprinted in DIS. 
Back issues of DIN are available from FlyBase in the directory 
flybase/news or in News/ when accessing FlyBase with Gopher. 
Material appearing in the Newsletter may be cited unless 
specifically noted otherwise.  
     Material for publication should be submitted by e-mail. 
Figures and photographs cannot be accepted at present. Send 
technical notes to Carl Thummel and all other material to Kathy 
Matthews. The e-mail format does not allow special characters to 
be included in the text. Both superscripts and subscripts have 
been enclosed in square brackets; the difference should be 
obvious by context. Bold face, italics, underlining, etc. cannot 
be retained. Please keep this in mind when preparing submissions. 
To maintain the original format when printing DIN, use Courier 
10cpi font on a standard 8.5" x 11" page with 1" margins. 
     Drosophila Information Newsletter is a trial effort that 
will only succeed if a broad segment of the community 
participates. If you have information that would be useful to 
your colleagues, please take the time to pass it along. 
The editors: 
Carl Thummel                            Kathy Matthews 
Dept. of Human Genetics                 Dept. of Biology 
Eccles Institute - Bldg. 533            Indiana University 
University of Utah                      Bloomington, IN 47405 
Salt Lake City, UT 84112                812-855-5782; FAX/2577 
801-581-2937; FAX/5374                  MATTHEWK at INDIANA.EDU 
To add your name to the Newsletter distribution list, send one of 
the following E-mail messages from the account at which you wish 
to receive DIN.  
Via Bitnet --     To: LISTSERV at IUBVM 
                  Message: SUB DIS-L Your real name   
                  Message: SUB DIS-L Your real name  
     LISTSERV will extract your user name and node from the E- 
mail header and add you to the list. Use your Internet address if 
you have one. You will receive confirmation by E-mail if you have 
successfully signed on to the list. If you are on the list and do 
not wish to receive DIN, or you want to remove a soon-to-be- 
defunct address, replace SUB in the above message with UNS. The 
SUB command can also be used to correct spelling errors in your 
real name; the new entry will simply replace the old as long as 
it was sent from the same USERID at NODE address.  
                  DIN Vol. 12 TABLE OF CONTENTS 
     >Introduction to Drosophila Information Newsletter 
     >How to subscribe to the Newsletter 
     >Sandler Lecture - Call for nominations 
     >Faculty position available 
     >Research assistant position available 
     >Bloomington Stock Center news   
     >Ovarian cDNA library and mutants 
     >Mutations at 68EF 
     >Genetics and Biology of Drosophila vols 3a,b,d,e 
     >Needle sharpening for embryo injections 
     We invite the nomination of candidates to present the 
seventh Larry Sandler Memorial Lecture at the 1994 Drosophila 
Conference. The Sandler Lecture is given on the first night of 
the conference; the 1994 conference will be held at the Sheraton- 
Chicago Hotel from April 20-24. Any student completing a Ph.D. in 
an area of Drosophila research in calendar year 1993 is eligible 
and may be nominated by his/her thesis advisor. Past recipients 
of this honor are:  Dr. Bruce Edgar (1988), Dr. Kate Harding 
(1989), Dr. Michael Dickinson (1990), Dr. Maurice Kernan (1991), 
Dr. Doug Kellogg (1992), Dr. David Schneider (1993). The Sandler 
Lecturer will be chosen by a committee composed of Andrew Clark, 
Ian Duncan, Ruth Lehmann, Don Ready, Barbara Wakimoto and Mariana 
Wolfner. Nominations should include a curriculum vita, a thesis 
abstract of one or two pages, and a letter of nomination from the 
advisor. Nominations should be sent by December 14, 1993 to: 
Mariana Wolfner, Section of Genetics and Development, Cornell 
University, 423 Biotechnology Bldg., Ithaca NY 14853-2703. 
Telephone: (607) 254-4801, FAX: (607) 255-2428. 
     Our Section is seeking an ASSISTANT PROFESSOR for a tenure 
track position, available in the Fall of 1994. The successful 
candidate will be expected to establish a vigorous externally 
funded research program in an important area of modern Genetics. 
The primary teaching responsibility will be to design and offer a 
lecture course in genetic analysis, with emphasis on eukaryotes, 
for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students. We 
strongly encourage applications from women and members of 
underrepresented minority groups. Applications should include a 
curriculum vitae, reprints of recent publications and a brief 
statement of present and future research interests. Complete 
applications and three letters of recommendation, solicited by 
the applicant, should be mailed to: G & D Search Committee, 101 
Biotechnology Building, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 
14853-2703. Applications will be reviewed beginning November 15, 
1993. Cornell University is an Affirmative Action/Equal 
Opportunity Employer. 
     Will assist in genetic analysis of Drosophila mutants 
displaying behavioral, developmental, and neurological 
phenotypes. Duties will include: maintaining and selecting 
Drosophila mutant stocks; performing genetic crosses; isolating 
new mutants and establishing stocks. Long term employment 
position; candidates with lab experience in genetics will be 
given preference. Please send cv to S. Benzer, Division of 
Biology 156-29, Caltech, Pasadena, CA 91125. 
     * The Bloomington Stock Center will be closed December 20 - 
31, 1993. Large orders received after noon EST on the 9th of 
December will not be shipped until the new year due to the high 
rate of loss we experience during the Christmas mail crunch. 
Smaller orders (our call) received by noon EST on the 16th will 
be shipped on the 20th, but we recommend that you avoid ordering 
stocks during this period.  
     * A new set of ry[+]-marked P insertions from the Drosophila 
Genome Center are now available from the Bloomington Stock 
Center. Most of these stocks carry lethal inserts on 3; the rest 
are male sterile inserts on 2 or 3. All carry the PZ construct. A 
list of insertion sites has been posted on bionet.drosophila and 
the relevant stock lists on FlyBase (p-list.txt, p-list.rpt, p- 
by-location.txt and p-by-location.rpt2) have been updated to 
include these stocks.  
     * Our P stock stockkeeper, Starr Eck, is recovering from 
surgery and is expected to be away for another 3 to 5 weeks. 
Requests for more than 50 P stocks at a time will not be filled 
until Starr returns to work. If you are interested in receiving 
the whole Genome Center set as soon as possible ask to be added 
to the waiting list.  
     * The set of unlocalized mini-w[+]-marked P inserts from Dan 
Lindsley will soon be discarded. If you want any of these stocks 
order them now.  
     * There is mounting evidence that stocks carrying both hsFLP 
and FRTs are unstable. We will soon discard the hsFLP + FRT 
stocks from the Xu and Rubin set (Development 117:1223). If you 
aren't among the 5,007 people that have already received th

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