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Christophe Roos roos at Operoni.helsinki.fi
Tue Dec 7 00:49:59 EST 1993

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>From: 002233w at axe.acadiau.ca (ANTHONY WILSON)

On Thu, 2 Dec 1993 10:36:56 GMT Tony Wilson wrote:


>        I'm in a genetics class and for the class we are supposed to 
>research two traits of the Drosphilia.  I was wondering, does anyone know 
>how the dark body mutant and the light body mutant are assorted? (Autosomal 
>Dominant, Sex-linked Recessive, etc.)...  I'm having a very difficult time 
>getting any information, so I would be greatful for any help....
>Tony Wilson

Hello Tony,
You have found your way to this news group, now try Don Gilberts gopher in 
Indiana where you will find one of our most powerful information systems:

           gopher ftp.bio.indiana.edu

There you select from the main menu:   Flybase    
On next level submenu you select:      Genes
On next level submenu you select:      Genes 93 search <?>
 ... and search for e.g. "black"

Best of luch

Christophe Roos

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