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Joe "Top-Spin" Hines jhines at csugrad.cs.vt.edu
Mon Apr 19 10:07:26 EST 1993

rth at anat.UMSMED.EDU (Rosemary Hoffman) writes:

>In article <1993Apr14.235746.12389 at iscsvax.uni.edu>
>yu0024 at iscsvax.uni.edu writes:
>>I am sitting here for some hours try to start a paper, which is the requirment
>>for population ecology.   Without any ideal come to my mind, I think maybe it
>>is good ideal to post the requirment here, and hope you can disscuss your ideal
>>with me.
>> ... the entire problem deleted...
>>Thanks advance
>Dear Thanks advance,
>I first saw your request in women-in-bio and let it slide.
>How many newsgroups did you post to anyway?

>I'm sorry if you find your paper difficult, but hey, if science were easy
>EVERYONE would be doing it, and no one would be left to work in Burger King!

>Instead of trying to get busy researchers, teachers, and students to do
>your paper for you, use your time to pick an organism and your computer
>skills to do a Medline search to find the information you need.

>You forgot to let us know your name - perhaps your professor would be
>interested in your problem (what's the smiley face sign for sarcasm?)

Maybe you could have been more supportive it would have taken about as much time
as this flame did.

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