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Something Big

Frank at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk Frank at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Fri Jan 14 04:30:36 EST 2000

There is an english name for a large shark known as "The Basking Shark" and
there is a "Whale Shark"  these are both very large sharks.  One or the
other of
them are the largest animals other than Blue whales.  However, I don't think
either of them are from very deep in the water column.  Furthermore I
that both are plankton feeders, that wouldn't have responded to the "bait"

Zvonka.Murko at guest.arnes.si, [mailto:Zvonka.Murko at guest.arnes.si] wrote:

> As I am not an expert on the matter of sharks, my knowledge being only the
> product of occasional flashes of curiosity and rare trips to the world of
> Ichtiology as a student of veterinary medicine, I must first apologise for
> posting this message. Again I have my curiosity to blame. Still this
> is in context with your Meglodome (Megalodon?) discussion.
> A few days ago a german television station (Kabel 1 on the 8th of January)
> broadcasted a wildlife documentary about sharks. Although focusing on the
> great white there was a few minute passage about deep sea sharks. In that
> they also talked about the existence of the Megalodon leaning on the vague
> exploration of certain parts of oceans and great depths. Now here comes my
> question. At the end of this passage they showed part of a film (recorded
> recently) where the scientists put some bait on a net on the ground (I
> it was very deep) to lure some deep sea sharks. First came some normal
> specimens (I do not know which species) but then out of the dark swam an
> enormous shark (a least 10 times bigger than the others). It was
> breathtaking to see that gigantic mass cover the whole camera angle,
> gobbling up everything that was on the net and dissappearing into the
> They said that it was a newly discovered species of shark, not mentioning
> its scientific name. In german they named it Schlaff Hai meaning in
> Sleep or Sleeping Shark. I wonder if you have any knowledge about this
> discovery and if you could give me some information and comments on this
> matter (if possibly where could I obtain that underwater photage).
> I think that in some way this (if its true) also leaves the question of
> existence of the Meglodome Shark a bit if not wide open.
> I thank you in advance for any information and for the time you took to
> this message.
> Rok Skutnik
> Slovenia

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