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Deepset organism

richard.taylor at utas.edu.au richard.taylor at utas.edu.au
Mon Feb 23 04:22:00 EST 1998

To date I have received 19 responses.  The consensus seems to be that the
deepest level at which an organism can live in the ocean is the bottom of
the Marianas Trench (Challenger Deep) - if there was anywhwere deeper
they'd live there ie depth is not a necessary limit.

There is no individual record holder but whole colonies of organisms which
include gastropod molluscs, unidentified sea cucumber,
echinoderms(holothorids,asterids,ophiuroids), worms, a few fishes, a tong,
oar fish, tube worms, trench mollusks ( occulinid and pseudoocculinid
limpets), bacteria, crustacians, brittle star, protozoa (quotes from

Deepest fish is cited as Abyssobrotula galatheae (8730m in Puerto Rico

 Hope this summary from a person with virtually no scientific background
is of use.  Best regards Richard Taylor

Magnus L. Johnson, Department of Biology, University of Leicester,
Leicester, LE1 7RH,  U.K.

see : http://www.le.ac.uk/biology/research/blpgs.html#magnus

email : mlj2 at le.ac.UK
Tel   : 0116 252 3353/2

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