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CPM'99: final call for participation

Cenk Sahinalp cenk at dcs.warwick.ac.uk
Mon Jun 28 19:52:01 EST 1999

          10th Annual Symposium on Combinatorial Pattern Matching
                             22-24 July 1999

               Summer School on Combinatorial Pattern Matching
                             20-21 July 1999

                      Department of Computer Science,
                          University of Warwick

              Home Page: http://www.dcs.warwick.ac.uk/cpm/

Program Committee
Maxime Crochemore (Marne la Valle, co-chair), Leszek Gasieniec
(Liverpool), Roberto Grossi (Pisa), Tao Jiang (McMaster), Heikki
Mannila (Microsoft), Rajeev Motwani (Stanford), Gene Myers (Celerea),
Chris Overton (UPenn), Mike Paterson (Warwick, co-chair), S. Cenk
Sahinalp (Warwick), Dan Spielman (MIT), Jim Storer (Brandeis)
Kiem-Phong Vo (AT&T), Moti Yung (Certco and Columbia), Jacob Ziv (Technion)

Organizing Committee
Hesham Al-Ammal, Graham Cormode, Mary Cryan, Leslie Goldberg,
Paul Goldberg, S. Cenk Sahinalp (chair), Jonathan Sharp

CPM Steering Committee
Alberto Apostolico, Maxime Crochemore, Zvi Galil, Udi Manber

EPSRC-MATHFIT initiative, London Mathematical Society and University
of Warwick, Department of Computer Science.

                          Summer School Program
Tuesday 20 July

  9.00 AM
  9:10 AM
            The quest for measuring distance between strings: exact,
            approximate and probabilistic algorithms.
            S. Cenk Sahinalp (University of Warwick, Computer Science)
  10.30 AM
  11.00 AM
            The Complexity of Gene Placement
            Paul Goldberg (University of Warwick, Computer Science)
  12.00 PM
   2.00 PM
            An introduction to computational molecular biology
            David Jones (University of Warwick, Biology)
   3.00 PM
   3.30 PM
            Structural alignment and maximal substructure extraction
            Arthur Lesk (Cambridge University)

Wednesday 21 July

  9.00 AM
            Network-generated massive data sets
            Joan Feigenbaum (AT&T Shannon Labs)
  10.30 AM
  11.00 AM
            Computational Theories of Surprise
            Alberto Apostolico (Purdue University and Padova University)
  12.00 PM
   2.00 PM
            The Prevention of Error Propagation
            in Dictionary Based Lossless Data Compression
            Jim Storer (Brandeis University)
   3.00 PM
   3.30 PM
            The Hamming Center Problem
            Leszek Gasienic (Liverpool University)

                        Conference Program
Thursday 22 July

  9.20 AM
  9.30 AM
            Invited lecture
            Massive graphs: algorithms, applications, and open problems
            Joan Feigenbaum (AT&T Labs Research)
  10.30 AM
  11.00 AM
            Shift-And Approach to Pattern Matching in LZW Compressed Text
            Takuya Kida, Masayuki Takeda, Ayumi Shinohara and Setsuo Arikawa
  11.30 AM
            A General Practical Approach to Pattern Matching over
            Ziv-Lempel Compressed Text
            Gonzalo Navarro and Mathieu Raffinot
  12.00 PM
            Pattern Matching in Text Compressed by Using Antidictionaries
            Yusuke Shibata, Masayuki Takeda, Ayumi Shinohara and Setsuo Arikawa
  12.30 PM
            Lunch (Rootes Restaurant)
  2.30 PM
            On the Structure of Syntenic Distance
            David Liben-Nowell
  3.00 PM
            Physical Mapping With Repeated Probes: The Hypergraph
            Superstring Problem
            Serafim Batzoglou and Sorin Istrail
  3.30 PM
  4.00 PM
            Hybridization and genome rearrangement
            Nadia El-Mabrouk and David Sankoff
  4.30 PM
            On the Complexity of Positional Sequencing by Hybridization
            Amir Ben-Dor, Itsik Pe'er, Ron Shamir and Roded Sharan

Friday 23 July

  9.00 AM
           Invited lecture
           Optimizing biological sequences and protein structures
           using simulated annealing and genetic algorithms
           David Jones (Department of Biology, University of Warwick)
 10.00 AM
           GESTALT: Genomic Steiner Alignments
           Giuseppe Lancia and R. Ravi
 10.30 AM
 11.00 AM
           Bounds on the Number of String Subsequences
           Daniel Hirschberg
 11.30 AM
           Approximate Periods of Strings
           Jeong Seop Sim, Costas Iliopoulos, Kunsoo Park and W.F. Smyth
 12.00 PM
           Finding maximal pairs with bounded gap
           Gerth Brodal, Rune Lyngsoe, Christian Pedersen and Jens Stoye
 12.30 PM
           Lunch (Rootes Restaurant)
  2.30 PM
           A Dynamic Data Structure for Reverse Lexicographically
           Sorted Prefixes
           Hidetoshi Yokoo
  3.00 PM
           A New Indexing Method for Approximate String Matching
           Gonzalo Navarro and Ricardo Baeza-Yates
  3.30 PM
  4.00 PM
           The Compression of Subsegments of Images Described by
           Finite Automata
           Juhani Karhumaeki, Wojciech Plandowski and Wojciech Rytter
  4.30 PM
           Ziv Lempel compression of huge natural language data tries
           using suffix arrays
           Strahil Ristov and Eric Laporte

           Conference dinner at Chesford Grange

Saturday 24 July

  9.00 AM
           Matching of Spots in 2D Electrophoresis Images. Point
           Matching Under Non-uniform Distortions
           Tatsuya Akutsu, Kyotetsu Kanaya, Akira Ohyama and Asao Fujiyama
  9.30 AM
           Applying an Edit Distance to the Matching of Tree Ring
           Sequences in Dendrochronology
           Carola Wenk
 10.00 AM
           Fast Multi-Dimensional Approximate Pattern Matching
           Gonzalo Navarro and Ricardo Baeza-Yates
 10.30 AM
 11.00 AM
           Finding common RNA secondary structures from RNA sequences
           Zhuozhi Wang and Kaizhong Zhang
 11.30 AM
           Finding Common Subsequences with Arcs and Pseudoknots
           Patricia Evans
 12.00 PM
           Computing similarity between RNA structures
           Kaizhong Zhang, Lusheng Wang and Bin Ma
 12.30 PM
           Lunch and End

                        GENERAL INFORMATION

Registration fees for the conference only (22-24 July)

Registration fee for non-students
(payment received before 20 June 1999):         GBP 100/170 USD
(payment received after 20 June 1999):          GBP 150/255 USD

Registration fee for students
(payment received before 20 June 1999):         GBP 60/102 USD
(payment received after 20 June 1999):          GBP 90/153 USD

Accommodation on campus (includes all meals):   GBP 49/83 USD per night

Registration fees for the summer school and conference (20-24 July)

Registration fee for all participants
(includes accommodation in the student dorms* and meals for five days)

if payment received before 20 June 1999:        GBP 250**/425 USD
if payment received after 20 June 1999:         GBP 300/510 USD

*Rooms in student dormitories have shared bathrooms.

**There are a few studentships available for EPSRC funded students,
which cover all local expenses for students attending the summer
school and conference (not travel). These will be allocated on a first
come, first served basis, please email cpm at dcs.warwick.ac.uk if you
wish to apply for one.

All payments must be made in pound sterling (GBP) or US dollars
(USD). Early registration deadline is 20 June 1999. This is the date by
which the CPM'99 organisers must receive your registration and payment
(or proof of payment).

The registration fee includes lunches, tea / coffee breaks, and the
conference dinner.

Additional information on campus accommodation

Rooms are available on campus for conference and summer school
participants, located within a few minutes walk of the department and
the Rootes Social Building where meals are served. En-suite rooms are
not available for students attending the summer school, but are
available for delegates attending the conference part only, for a
supplement of GBP 15 (25.50 USD) per night.

Methods of payment

By cheque:   Please make cheques payable to "S. C. Sahinalp".
             We can only accept cheques in GBP drawn on a UK bank, or in
             USD drawn on a US bank. .

By Bank Transfer:
                         Bank:          Barclays Bank PLC

                         Address:       PO Box No 2, 25 High Street,
                                        Coventry, CV1 5QZ, United Kingdom

                         Sort code:     20-23-60

                         Account name:  S. C. Sahinalp

                         Account no.:   40440485

                         Swift code:    BARCGB22

           Please make sure that:
           The correct amount only in British Pounds (GBP) reaches
           this account after bank charges, and your name clearly
           appears on the bank transfer order. You attach to your
           registration form a copy of the transfer order.
At the conference:
                If you pay on arrival (the late registration fee will
                apply), you should pay in cash or by traveller cheques.

How to register for the conference:

To register for the conference, print out the registration form
(http://www.dcs.warwick.ac.uk/cpm/regform.html), fill it in, and post
it together with your payment (a cheque) to the address below.

     Department of Computer Science
     University of Warwick
     Coventry   CV4   7AL
     United Kingdom

     fax: +44 1203 525714

Major international airlines have services to Birmingham International
Airport, which is located about 15 miles to the north of the
University of Warwick campus. American airlines, British airways, and
Continental airlines provide direct flights between North America to
the Birmingham International Airport via JFK/Newark airports. The taxi
fare from the airport to the University is around GBP 20. The closest
train station to the campus, which has efficient connections to
Birmingham airport and London is Coventry station, about 5 miles to
the east of the campus. Taxi fare from Coventry station to the campus
is around GBP 6. A public bus stop which provides regular services to
the University is just outside Coventry Station.

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