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[ANN] Power Mac cardiac simulator available via free FTP

Mark Stevans mls at cesinst.com
Mon Nov 3 23:58:18 EST 1997

Version 2.8b0 of the CESLab cardiac electrophysiological simulation syste=
m is
now available for anonymous FTP at


Disclaimer: while every attempt has been made to permit the user to condu=
faithful simulations of selected aspects of cardiac electrophysiology, no
of the CESLab software has yet been independently reviewed for medical ac=

New CESLab 2.8 Features

   Improved accuracy of generated current dipoles.

   Support for conducting simulations on rectangular blocks of cells with=

   Improved accuracy in compound shape modeller.

   New cell display modalities, including instantaneous activation wavefr=

   VCG simulation using the Frank or McFee lead systems.

   Expanded ElectroWorld viewer windows, incorporating VCG distortion
viewer and=20
   selectable regional dipoles.

   Heart dipole graph windows.

   Automatically calibrated color keys.

   New polyhedron editor facet display modalities.

   Optional overlaying of traces in ECG, VCG, heart dipole scope, and hea=
   dipole graph windows.

Bugs Fixed Since Last Release (2.4b0)

   Bug 4: Deflections of lead V1 much greater than those of V6.

   Bug 5: Heart dipole displays lack of continuity between adjacent sampl=

   Bug 11: If cell size is changed after running a simulation, no more=20
   simulations can be run.

   Bug 13: If a cardiac cycle is run, and resolution is changed, ECG is f=
lat on=20
   successive runs.

   Bug 24: Wilson=B9s central terminal is assumed to be always zero in EC=

   Bug 47: Cell set viewer cutaway offset sliders won't allow the user to=
   all the way to the end of their range.

   Bug 136: User interface does not perform enough validation of user inp=

   Bug 160: Command-. does not abort the current operation cleanly in all=

   Bug 177: Need to clear ECG window before beginning each cardiac cycle.

   Bug 180: Fencepost deletion sometimes deletes the wrong fencepost when
the two=20
   are very closely spaced.

   Bug 193: Regional dipole locations are drawn incorrectly after restore=

   Bug 194: ECG traces are too close together.

   Bug 383: Formula for computing ellipsoidal conduction velocities incor=

Please feel free to contact me via E-mail with any bugs, questions, or co=

Mark Stevans
mls at cesinst.com

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