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Alexander Spirov spirov at iephb.ru
Wed May 8 13:57:35 EST 1996

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Dear All,

The following two paper are now available as 
PostScript files via anonymous ftp. 
ftp://ftp.iephb.ru/pub/spirov/celelect.ps (840K) 
ftp://ftp.iephb.ru/pub/spirov/celelectpics.zip (133K)
is postscript version of
        the paper that appeared in the JOURNAL OF ELECTRO &
        MAGNETOBIOLOGY. 1994, 13, (2), 149-158.
        "Electrical activity of biomembranes and vectorization of
        intracellular processes"

                We consider theoretical mechanisms of the
                influence of intracellular electric fields on
                directed polymerization and orientation of
                microtubules.  A generalization of Fromherz'
                model of self-organization in the ionic channels
                system of biomembranes is used for a simulation
                of the interaction between the membrane electric
                activity and the behaviour of submembrane
                cytoskeletal components.  A similar interaction
                between the membrane electric activity and
                directed polymerization of microtubules can also
                play a fundamental role in neuronal mechanisms
                of learning and memory.
			<<celelectpics.zip contains PS file with
			color figures for the paper>>

HTML version see 

ftp://ftp.iephb.ru/pub/spirov/seaurchin.zip (440KB) 
is ZIP-file with postscript version of
        the paper that appeared in the JOURNAL THEORETICAL
        BIOLOGY, 1993, 161, 491-504.
        "The Change of Initial Symmetry in the Pattern-Form
        Interaction Model of Sea Urchin Gastrulation"
        Alexander V. Spirov

                The characteristic feature of pattern-form
                interaction models is feedback loop from
                biochemical pattern formation to form changes in
                the developing embryo. The models are directed
                towards prediction of changes of the embryo
                surface geometry and biochemical pattern. We
                deal with an investigation of the mechanisms of
                "amplification" of non-linear response of a
                morphogens reaction-diffusion system due to
                changes of geometry in the developing object.
                Potentiality of approach is demonstrated by
                simulation of gastrulation and the following
                morphogenesis of the sea urchin embryo.

HTML version see 

The pub/spirov/index file contains an index of the other files.

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